Beautiful Ayahuasca Healing Ceremony

I love every ceremony we do, be it private or group and watching the beauty and healing that comes with it. This weekend, there was so much of it that it was almost overwhelming for me. Knowing the depths that these people were going and then seeing the the glow, the LIFE back in them was just, indescribable. I want to try, however, to share this with everyone because this ceremony in particular, did move me so deeply. One gentleman, and the one who I think touched me the most, came to us lost, beaten, broken, self loathing and completely detached. That was how he was making it through life, was by detaching from everything, family included. and self medicating. You could see the lack of life in his eyes when he first arrived, and the brokenness of his spirit and will. Over the weekend, I watched him see the person he had become; the person he begun to loathe yet had no idea how to change. I watched him see that the pain he was causing others he was causing to himself and that the pain he was causing to himself he was causing to others. I watched him come to the realization that change and contentment ARE attainable and that STRENGTH is being able to say we need help and being able to accept it. By the time he was ready to leave, he was smiling GENUINE smiles (for the first time in many, many years!) and glowing! Life had re-entered his body and his spirit was rejuvenated and mended and ready for the positive forward progression he is now ready to embark upon.

We had a couple who came to us for drug addiction. They were both pretty hardcore users yet had been unable to kick the habit, even with pharmaceutical help. While his experience was a little more intense, both had very profound journeys. When he awoke Saturday after just 1 journey, he was already privy to the cleansing of the body's receptors and had no desire to use. It blew his mind because he has not known that feeling in a very long time. She, by the end of the second experience was feeling very well also. She had a MAGNIFICENT purge of emotions she had no idea were lurking within. She was ready to battle this addiction full force!!!!

We had a gentleman who had just been to Peru in July who said he left there feeling as if his journey hadn't quite been fulfilled. Like there was something he should have gotten, it just didn't make it through in his experience there. He also was working on letting go of negative habits and addictions. He was able to witness his negative behavior/addiction turn from a cloud of black, smokey fog like substance into a beautiful butterfly who spread it's wings and flew off. And the message that he got was that all you need for that clarity of mind and purpose is the medicine. You don't need all the bells and whistles, just the medicine and an open mind and an open heart.

We had a lady who was looking just really for self improvement. She had some physical ailments, but her main goal was personal improvement. Her experience was so beautiful and vibrant. In the physical area of some of her ailments, she could feel the medicine digging in and taking hold. And she realized what everyone else who does this has...we are all one!! There aren't 15 different God's sitting in the Heaven's for 15 different religions; there aren't 15 different races, there is but life itself and we all have that in common from people to dogs to ants to worms to sharks. We are ALL life and we all contain that God spark!

We had one more female who also had a very powerful, very intense experience and the beauty of it when she shared it with me melted my heart! As I said, she had some very intense moments, but she got to see (at least a couple of) her future children! This was very moving for her as she had lost a pregnancy just about a year ago. The smile in her eyes as she told me of this "meeting" was so beautiful and full of love, that love that just comes through a mother! Yeah, that one!

As I said, I love every Ceremony I work and every member we have. This weekend just really touched me, to the point in fact, that I wanted to share this everyone. And to the attendees of this Ceremony, THANK YOU!!!

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