Ayahuasca Healing Trauma and Depression

As we put the finishing touch on cleaning and preparing for our group ayahuasca ceremony this weekend, I remind myself that the real work is about to begin in regards to the people who will be placing their trust in us to keep them safe and aid them in processing their journey.

Individuals with PTSD have trauma. They have distressing and unresolved experiences in their subconscious. They live in a pathological state of fear and their fight or flight response is always active, making them anxious or furious easily. PTSD conditions may differ for individuals.

War veterans were exposed to so much stress due to their experiences on the battlefield when they were still active in their profession. They were always on the run for their lives. Their day-to-day activity was literally about survival that’s why some developed PTSD.

Ayahuasca Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

Depression is more than feeling sad, down or unhappy. It is often a result of a series of negative or traumatic event in one’s life that slowly damages one’s capacity to feel and function normally. The condition may last for weeks, months or even years.

To be able to be apart of the process of healing from the above afflictions is beyond rewarding, it is amazing to see the strength in individuals who feel they are at their weakest point in their life.

The strength and courage that is displayed by trauma victims who are willing to revisit in order to heal and move forward is beyond words.

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