Ayahuasca is a word that has many different meanings depending on what you are reading or who you are talking to.

One of the main uses of ayahuasca in traditional cultures is as a medicine. This is the reason why in Western culture ayahuasca is popularly considered to have medicinal properties, even if it is used outside of its traditional context. However, the clinical evidence of the efficacy of ayahuasca to treat medical or psychological diseases is scarce.

But when you talk to people who have experienced the healing powers of Ayahuasca another picture emerges.

Ayahuasca has also the reputation to be an efficient tool in the treatment of drug abuse disorders but, again, despite the anecdotal evidence cited above, there are no clinical studies that sustain that claim.

The increasing personal accounts of Ayahuasca’s role in therapeutic and personal growth practices emphasize the need for thorough clinical studies.

Again Science is stumbling behind what Shamans, Medicine People and Mystics have known for thousand of years, it works, its safe and it is here in America.

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