Ayahuasca Microdosing

I wanted to share Annabel's experience with Ayahuasca Microdosing, below is her perspective. A very nicely done article.

In effect, microdosing powers you up to enhance: *Visual acuity *Focus ability *Outlook and well being *Sexual energy *Social outgoingness *Creativity *Deep meditation ability *Openness to the feeling of loving by the heart. *Feeling light on the feet *Feeling energy flow through one’s self without that burned out feeling stimulants can induce. *that sense of tapping into a larger wisdom of the world, including that sense of unity with all beings. *It also seems to provide lucid dreaming on a regular basis. The cons of microdosing: *One might still have to integrate experiences *One have to take it all very seriously. Giving it deep respect. *It can backfire and waste precious time if you are working on a creative project *It doesn't last as long as one would like, and repeat dosing can be finicky/tricky. *One might lose track of time easily, including the passage of days. *Sub-perceptual sensations that lingers immediately the next day, which is more of a benefit, but it was listed as a con since seeing glimmers of hallucinatory patterns overlayed on normal experience can be annoying for some. *After a day of microdosing, one can feel very tired to even host a small dinner party with friends very early in the night *Enhances full dose craving journey experience after even trying out a small dose. Thus, planning ahead will be wise. Full journeys have their place, as does microdosing. First things first. The experience to date has gone like this: 10mL on an empty, fasted stomach. For reference, 50mL of this brew gives a super intense takeoff, full immersion, full surrender experience that begins to fade after 4 hours, and full return to baseline occurs at about 6 hours--basically a strong, but realistic journey that isn't over the top. Lesson 1) If it’s not about the 10 breakthrough experiences already, one might just think that it was just some sort of having a really good day. But having learned all the sensations, feelings, and subtle increase in visual acuity, focus ability, outlook, sexual energy, social outgoingness, creativity, meditation ability, openness to love in the heart, feeling light in the feet, feeling the energy flow through one’s self and the sense of tapping into a larger wisdom of the world, one might really have taken the first microdose experiment to be just a really darn good day (or good morning, since the peak experience is the best part and then fades away after the 2.5 hour mark). Lesson 2) Repeating dosing in a 24 hour period is CUMULATIVE in effect. In fact, the cumulative effect of repeat doses seems to even last with a day break in between. That is, taking a 2nd microdose 48 hours after the first produces a more powerful experience then 2nd time. Yes, it was just talking about sub-breakthrough. But it basically is about one taking a microdose and planning on working on a creative project from home, office and planning on sticking to the normal daily routine. It can lead one into a little jarring experience bumping into the ceiling of a breakthrough. Lesson 3) Day 3 began with another 10mL of this brew, and again, it felt like an unusually hard takeoff for a microdose. It might again feel like bumping up against the ceiling of another breakthrough. What you want to do is NOT have a breakthrough. It will work just fine as it began to fade after 2.5 hours or so. Taking another 5mL to extend the experience at the 4th hour mark. It increases productivity. This could lead one working for another 13 extra hours for the day. And it will really be a great work day and very creative too! But stimulants like caffeine and ALCAR might not be that effective during this experience. However, it was believed that the best way to capture these experiences was to seek comfortable flow, rather than using stimulants to jack one’s self into the work mode. Gentle flow is the key. Lesson 4). Day 4, 24 hours after that good microdose day. One could try another conservative dosing and do a full early morning workout of the upper body + heavy deadlifts just before going back to the 9am home office job. A follow up of another 5mL later in the day could be hard takeoff again. Doing this routine of REDUCING THE DOSE on a fairly regular basis. On Day 4 of the trial, one might discover and feel a bit lost on the intensity of the sub-breakthrough sensations. A feeling somewhat like that to a euphoria of the afterglow. But that was a false feeling because even a sub-breakthrough dose can still do that same full halluciliatory experience. In effect, microdosing was just as effective with that of the full dosage takeoff given one’s self integration time between microdose days. Lesson 5) One might notice that the ‘benefits’ will last for another day or two after subsequent days of microdosing even if they are nearly impossible to detect on cognitive levels. Respect this stuff… For it can bring you lasting benefits avoiding surprises and counterproductive trouble.

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