Ayahuasca Healing with Unconditional Love

Ayahuasca Healing with Unconditional Love of oneself and of others allows sincere forgiveness that allows forward progression where only stagnation of toxic emotions creates a pool of poison that prevents higher connection and vibration.

Mother Aya can give tough love when she needs to, but when she shows you her unconditional love as she cleans out those puddles of poison, you feel love like you never felt before.

That is just the start of your God Spark that exist in us all, and you realize that Source has been all around us just waiting patiently for us to become aware and allow Source to flow through us.

I have witnessed unbelievable change as seekers find what they have been searching for was right within their heart once the fear, illusions and conditioning was purged.

As our inner worlds change, our outer world changes.

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