Ayahuasca Emotional,Physical and Spiritual

Words can not describe fully the healing and progression that comes from an Ayahuasca Ceremony. For many what they have experienced with Mother Aya is so personal and profound that it may take weeks to process.

For others the fear they must go through is from their internal cache of suppression, once it is released it will evaporate and they can move on with their lives with a whole new perspective.

While this may not be comfortable, it is a big part of the healing process.

To see someone receive physical healing from Mother Aya is something that humbles me. This is what really confirmed for me that our Sacrament is Medicine like no other known to man.

Healing of an illness or disease with Ayahuasca is a miracle to western medicine. Some say that the Ayahuasca (or perhaps DMT, the God Molecule) heals by connecting one fully with God again and disease disappears in that experience. Ayahuasca causes one to go deep within to places where pain, trauma and dis-ease exist, and release them. Illness can only live in a body that is not reconnected to the divinity from which souls come from.

Many report that literally Ayahuasca is rearranging their physical bodies, and changing their cellular structure or DNA, moving it into a higher formation. Others report that they can feel Ayahuasca moving about the body and “fixing” things. First, however, comes the repair of the traumas, resentments, emotional processes that aren’t healthy, and bringing balance to one’s inner landscape. Only then can the body heal, since the mind and emotions are what caused the body to go out of balance in the first place.

Much of your healing depends on you, and how much you want to shift and change. Ayahuasca can help you, but you must make the changes. If you have a life threatening or serious illness, deep healing in the mental and emotional bodies must take place first before it will be reflected in the physical body. The physical body adjusts to this healthier mental and emotional environment, and thus changes your outer reality now that the inner landscape has changed.

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