Ayahuasca friends of Jesus

Another wonderful Ceremony this weekend with powerful insight and healing, great forward progress was made by all, everyone there laid themselves on the altar of self discovery with raw courage.

Mother Aya came through in a big way, one devout follower of Jesus received unconditional love in wave after wave and was able to make contact with Jesus and God in a deeper, meaningful connection that words can't describe. He was deeply touched.

We are friends with Jesus, his message is simple, love one another, help each other and heal.

Mother Aya is a portal to many worlds and spirits and we are friends to all of Sources creations.

I am humbled by the complexity and the simplicity of the Grand Design of this realm and the realms beyond.

We welcome all to experience Mother Aya on their own terms. Come heal, gain clarity, get closer to Source and progress.


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