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Ayahuasca Awakenings is a space where those that are struggling with addiction, personality issues, spiritual blockages and illness can come for the most unique and effective treatment.

Ayahuasca is also a way to open up the deepest recesses of the soul and cut to the core issues that are causing the illness and addictions as well as the behavioral and personality challenges that prevent our evolution. This is a way to overcome psychological ills and blockages that have been hampering the person’s ascension process.

We are at a time now where mother Aya, our planet is going through a transition. We are a part of her and will, with an Ayahuasca ceremony, realize that in a way that goes way beyond recycling and the guilt-based lower vibrational acts of oneness. Ayahuasca takes you into becoming symbiotic with mother Aya.

You won’t find this type of healing at a Reiki circle or metaphysical meditation class. You will have experienced something that not a fraction of the population of the planet will. We’re ready to change that. Awakening the people of the earth is one of the goals of this ceremony. But here’s the difference. The awakening that most people experience, even some of the most enlightened, will only reach a certain level of understanding of our connectedness to mother Aya and how critical that relationship is.

Ayahuasca, is like meeting yourself as an extension of source, the energy that creates worlds, and thus becoming one with the body of the earth and all creatures on it. This means the four legged and two legged people of diverse cultures. How? Because once you transition you will transcend the flesh and thusly, the walls that hold us all apart. No longer will race, color, belief or any other corporal trapping be a source of segregation—you—from another.

This is not for someone who is not looking for change. We can never truly predict what the intensity of that change will be for every person, but, we can say this—you will never look at people, the planet, or yourself the same again.

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