Ayahuasca, Sex and our Heart

As a Man, Mother Aya has taught me to value and respect feminine energy in all of its forms. She made me confront my illusions to put it mildly. I am very thankful for this transformation as this allows my relationships to be more fulfilling.

I would like to share with you an article that I find very stimulating in this arena.

(an article by Maria Aguilar, Sexologist, psycho-therapist and facilitator with Ayahuasca International)

As human beings we are so disconnected from ourselves, so full of conditioning and all of our attention continually focused outwardly. We have been so effectively programmed, subject to patterns and beliefs which lead us to be more and more interested in, even preoccupied by, the conquest of the external. We survive in this disconnected way, using only one part of our minds, an egoic mind, which judges, measures and divides us, keeping us submerged in the world of illusions. Separation emerges from this rational mind, an illusory creation holding our attention outside in the rational world, which can only disconnect us from our body, from our energy, from our sexuality, from our heart, and fragmenting practically everything that exists between the Earth and the Sky, between all other beings and Existence itself, turning us into that very thing, masters, experts even at creating divisions: mind-body, spirit-matter, love-sexuality, etc

Another belief is that the heart is separate and different from sexuality, thinking that they are different means that they must be ‘tackled’ separately, since we have been led to believe that love and sex are totally dissociated means we often assume and forget that they are energetically united. However we all have an energy channel which communicates, connects and unites all of our energy centres, in particular I want to explore that energy channel which unites the sexual chakra with the heart chakra. This channel has a different way of functioning and a different polarity depending upon whether it is a man’s or a woman’s.

In men, the sexual chakra is the one through which this energy channel opens and flows, toward the man’s heart, allowing the heart to open when he is sexually stimulated and it stays open for as long as this sexual connection is maintained. Sexuality is fundamental for a man to keep his heart open. This may sound very shocking for us women, many of us find we tend to judge, criticise and despise men for their intense sexual desire and for the frequency with which they want to have sexual relationships. But it’s the only way they have of staying connected their heart.

So it is vital for us woman to know how their energetic design works (men-sexual chakra-positive+polarity), (men-heart-chakra.negative-polarity), so that we can understand and begin to appreciate the importance sexuality has for them and the opening of their hearts.

In a woman’s case, our sexual chakra opens through the heart chakra. So in order for us to really open up to our own sexuality, we need to feel loved, heard, supported, trusting, to know and accept our genuine emotional, sentimental, our vulnerable sensitivity and intuition. Our BEING woman relies upon receiving genuine acts and sincere words of love, and above all, to feel the presence of our own love.

Only then will we be able to open up totally to our sexuality, able to surrender ourselves, giving and receiving pleasure fully. According to our energetic design, our heart chakra has a positive+polarity and our sexual chakra is a negative-polarity.

A woman’s sexual experience can be as simple as opening her legs, allowing herself to be penetrated and have a good orgasm or a mystical experience of a deep connection on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

A man’s sexual experience can be as simple as masturbating or having a morning “quickie” or as deep as a moment of total surrender which allows him to open his heart, to be vulnerable and to feel total connection, to such a degree that he can “feel” good in the arms of his beloved.

In summary, men and women alike, once we learn and remember to bring our attention inwards and have already done an appropriate amount of personal work so we know what we need to do to re-encounter ourselves, find ourselves, while loving and accepting ourselves, we are slowly comprehending this game of consciousness, we consciously remember that there are no such divisions, that the body is also united to Spirit and mind, that everything is energy. That there is no difference between love and sexuality, that each of us has access to them all and can unite them.

So let us remember that everything depends upon the opening this energy channel, which unites the sexual chakra with the heart chakra. The more this heart opens, through trust, surrender, without fear and with absolute faith, the greater the compassion, the love and the surrender that will be created between and strengthen the bond the two. This new way of relating will bring the openness to live a conscious sexuality and a greater possibility of experiencing spirituality through sex.

When we reach this knowledge with the understanding and the true embodiment of the force of this sexual energy and its spiritual potential, our sexual encounters will become impeccable acts because they will become in and of themselves the pure manifestation of love, leading the way for the reconciliation and union between the feminine and the masculine within each one of us, manifesting one of the most beautiful ways in which we can honour our divinity.

Without any doubt, this is what many of us call… “UNITING HEAVEN AND EARTH”… CONSCIOUS SEXUALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS!!!

Maria Aguilar Facilitator for Ayahuasca International, partner of Inner Mastery México. Holistic Psycho-Therapist, Art-Therapist, Certified Personal Educator and Specialist in Sexuality and Couples.

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