Ayahuasca and Christianity

I have worked with many Christians and I was raised in a Southern Baptist environment and like with all others I have worked with, it depends on the persons inner world as to what you must go through.

Christians come in many flavors as do all of us and we are all in different places spiritually.

When we have to face fears we all have, it depends on your resistance or acceptance if you will have a heavy or lighter experience.

While I was in Prison for bank robbery I had some time in the "hole" and I read the bible front to back six times (King James Version) not for salvation but to defend against boredom, this was the first time I read the whole Bible without it being delivered to me in bits and pieces from a podium to support a view point.

For me to have a relationship with Jesus I had to separate Jesus from Christianity. Jesus never wore a cross or built a Church or burned a Witch and many other things that Christian's have done in his name. He Judged no one and accepted all who approached him with love and respect. I found I had a lot in common with Jesus, he detested and attacked the money changers, he died a felon as will I, to progress he had to forgive as did I.

I have been in the presence of the Christ Consciousness in my Ayahuasca Journeys and his message is very simple, but yet his impact of unconditional love is beyond words, for me he is the one of the greatest Shaman's that ever lived. His message to me is he was the example, not the exhalted, that you can have a direct relationship with God (Source Energy) and we all have the God spark and the ability to co create and manifest our realities, to heal, to grow, to love.

For those that approach Ayahuasca from this position of acceptance and openess as Jesus was open to all, will have a powerful experience, regardless of religion.

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