Ayahuasca is a lesson in Surrender.

As a Medicine Man I have seen people have heavy experiences because surrender was not an option, of course this was my fault according to them, but really I can not make you surrender.

Control issues get in the way of spiritual enlightenment and understanding spiritual reality. The medicine can act as a strong mirror in this regard. Those who try and impose their will upon the Ayahuasca become frightened (and have a heavy experience) – however in this experience one usually sees where one is not ready to let go and relax. Being able to trust and surrender to the power of the medicine can be a healing in itself. This then translates into the transcendence of control dramas in the outer world. You will not be interested in control drama and other similar crap in the world anymore because of the spiritual maturity that surrender to the medicine can bestow upon the user. Those who are able to learn the lesson of surrender can find that they are able to receive much sustenance and healing from Spirit in their lives as a whole. They can then go on to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives from a space of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

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