Ayahuasca Brings Forgiveness

Forgiveness stops us from being stuck in the muck, so to speak, which allows us to let go of negativity that would otherwise follows through this dimension and beyond.

Those who are strong enough to be able to handle the intensity of the Ayahuasca medicine can find that their spiritual

processes are accelerated to the point where a grounded state of enlightenment is possible – inside and outside of ceremony. It is important to realize that Ayahuasca is no ordinary psychedelic medicine. Anyone using it recreationally or for ‘kicks’ will find that the medicine has an inbuilt mechanism to prevent the medicine being abused in this manner. Ayahuasca is far stronger than psilocybin mushroom, LSD and other hallucinogens.

Ayahuasca is an intense karmic cleansing agent. If you have done things that are ethically questionable – the Ayahuasca will make you aware of them by taking you to the places where the karma lies dormant in the body. In the awareness of those karmas – it is impossible to hide or ignore them – thus the spiritual value of the medicine is due to the fact that the experience will make you look at any repressed bad karma and associated emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, etc – thus facilitating a healing. In the clear light of the medicine experience – one can dissolve karma by recognizing the underlying causes, practicing self forgiveness and reprogramming oneself to act from a place of higher integrity. Thus if you cheat, lie, steal or engage in similar things – there is no hiding place in the Ayahuasca Ceremony for these things to remain. For those still attached to living a life of questionable integrity – the experience may be too frightening, but for those ready to clean up house – there is an extreme therapeutic value that can be derived from Ayahuasca.

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