Ayahuasca Spiritual Progression

Ayahuasca has a powerful effect on one's spiritual processes and can facilitate healing, awakening, understanding and the development of spiritual wisdom when used in conjunction with spiritual practice and a strong healthy life.

Psychedelics have experienced a resurgence of popularity last seen in the 70s. Millennials, in particular the Neo-New Age community, have turned to substances like Peyote, acid and, in particular, the Ayahuasca trip–to quickly experience a taste of realms beyond this one.

In the case of Ayahuasca and other hallucinatory journeys; such realms are often within one’s own mind.

Ayahuasca is a brew made out of a vine called Banisteropisis capi, sometimes in combination with other hallucinogenic plants, and is used as part of a Peruvian spiritual therapy. The brew prompts a DMT-like experience. And for some, it’s a path to a type of spiritual progression.

The reason it’s considered therapeutic is because Ayahuasca is designed for the user to confront the manifestations of his or her subconscious mind. Visions can be both horrifying and blissful as every inner thought comes to the surface, under the direction of a Shamanic guide.

Debate surrounds whether Ayahuasca trips are “legitimate” excursions into some type of non-physical, “spiritual” world, or if it’s entirely an amplified dream-state.

The answer seems to me to be a combination of both. However, some people mistake these trips for experiences within the “astral plane”–or the realms beyond our body. I have heard Ayahuasca users describe the afterlife as a chaotic dimension.

Everyone must walk their own path

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