Aya Quest Native Americas Church (A.N.A.C)

Aya Quest is pleased at our growth and progress with Ayahuasca and Mother Aya.

Aya in Cherokee means ""ones self" or "I Am" that is exactly the Quest we are all on.

We have built our ceremonies to focus on you and not the Shaman/Medicine person. Our ceremonies offer a deep experience within ones self to grow and evolve past the challenges of our lives as we knew them to be and become open and receptive to the endless potentiality of the Universal Presence of Spirit. To accept and allow it to flow through us.

Becoming one in ourselves and with the Universe brings its own rewards and challenges of its self, like never being able to blame others or things for situations we find ourselves in, because we understand that we have the power to manifest our own reality and we chose to be in that situation by action or inaction. By our thoughts and fears.

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