Ayahuasca isn't for all

While I sit in wonder and amazement observing the power of ayahuasca to enlighten, heal and renew, their are few who would be best to approach with caution.

Of course much is written and spoken about medications, but I have observed there are a few types of people who should approach with caution.

One type, is the person who can not "accept and allow", they have their opinions and seem to come to change the divine to meet their conditioning and perceptions. They have a difficult time

in their journey because Mother Aya will not allow any progression with this mindset.

Another type is the person is who has worn a mask of bravado their who life and feel it is who they are, their reality is going to be turned upside down the first night and will require true courage to approach the second night. True courage is when you rise to the occasion when your illusion of what was is shattered and you face the unknown you in the second night. Those who lay themselves on the altar of self discovery with raw courage to face the unknown receive the greatest gifts from Mother Aya.

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