Effects of Ayahuasca

The effects of ayahuasca are experienced anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours after ingesting the brew. This depends on the potency and amount of the substance taken. Audio and visual hallucinations, vomiting and diarrhea, increased heart rate and blood pressure are some of the more common side effects of the sacrament, but not all purge this way.

The hallucinations associated with the Medicine can be very powerful and emotional. Medicine People help individuals to work through these emotions and encourage people to face them and deal with the consequences. Advocates of the sacrament stress the importance of working through the emotional, upsetting and scary visions and emotional reactions they have when under the influence. Without facing their problems, they will not be healed of their physical and psychological issues.

Ayahuasca works with the mind, body and soul to offer healing rather than treatment. I have witnessed profound spiritual, mental and physical transformation thru this Medicine.

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