Becoming Enlightened

Spiritual evolution is a process of refining our physiology so that we are free to rest into our true nature, the divinity within. This process progresses to a state of spiritual liberation (known as “enlightenment”), a state of freedom from egos, identities, samskaras, and conditioning, a state that allows functioning through egos, identities, samskaras, and conditioning without being lost to them. This type of functioning is like a healthy old maple tree. There are twists in the bark from storms weathered through the years, but the healthy tree is mighty, full of sap, and well-rooted. It is important to remember that enlightenment is not an attitude at all, but a physiological state of freedom which is cultivated over time. The art of facilitating enlightenment is as subtle and elusive as the nature of life itself, which is why it is often referred to as “traversing the razor’s edge” or “passing through the eye of the needle”.

Though enlightenment can be understood as the state of freedom from egos, identities, samskaras, and conditioning, it must not be confused with an attitude of anarchy. The enlightened may still function through the conditioned precepts of society and home, still respecting cultural tradition, but simultaneously see, feel, and live beyond those limitations. When people’s awareness is truly free, they are able to perceive through direct experience the true nature of life and existence.

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