Our Identity

We live in a time when people are enslaved by identity. They are either clinging fervently to an identity or frantically searching for one, believing that somewhere out there an identity exists that will answer all their needs and fulfill all aspects of their life. Fulfillment is a state of physiology that lies beyond the grasp of identity. Religions talk about it. All of humanity longs for it. But very few understand it. Essential to a healthy life is a healthy relationship with identity. You function through identity, but are not lost to it.

Identities die hard. Habits are not always easy to move beyond. Our identities are perceived and experienced as us. They are our thoughts, our emotions, our self. They seem to be inseparable from us. Yet freeing ourselves from identity is what true evolution is about.

Ayahuasca helps us have a new perspective about our identity, which helps us heal and evolve.

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