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Sacraments at Home

The whole reason we began our Heal at Home program was because the world was being hammered by Covid-19 and travel was unsafe and for many, impossible.  We take the safety of EVERYONE we work with, clergy and Members alike, VERY SERIOUSLY and we weren't about to put our Members, our Clergy and/or ourselves at risk of infection.  For those of you who have been working with our Sacraments from Home AND for those of you who have been through an IN PERSON ceremony with us, you will still be able to receive and work with the sacraments from home.    

If you are not a current Heal at Home Member and if you have NOT been through an in person ceremony with us, you are NOT currently eligible to receive and work with Sacraments at home.  In order to be eligible, you must come through our Church for an IN PERSON ceremony first.  This was our policy BEFORE the Pandemic and it was only changed because of that.  We wanted people to still have access to Mother Aya despite what was going on and Heal at Home was our solution.  It also met the pleas of the Government, the CDC and the WHO as well as others requesting churches use VIRTUAL Ceremonies as opposed to in person to help keep people safe and prevent the spread of Covid.  So, now that the pandemic is over, we are resuming our in person ceremonies and going back to our previous requirements for receiving and the use of Sacraments at home.  

Ayahuasca Storage and Other Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

 1.  Do I have to be an Active Member to receive Sacraments at home?  

      Yes, you have to have either been to an in person ceremony (within the last 6 months) or an active participant of the Heal at Home              Program.  

 2.  How long does it take to receive the sacrament once I have requested it? 

      It can take up to 2 weeks for the tea to be brewed and shipped.  Once you have requested it, you will be placed into the brewing and          shipping rotation.  So, if you would like the tea for a specific date, PLEASE make sure you request it AT LEAST 3 weeks prior to                  needing it.  

 3.  How do I store the Tea once it's received? 

      There are a couple of options here.  First things first, you will DEFINTELY want to get it into a refrigerator as quickly as                                possible. From there, you can leave it in the fridge where it will stay good for up to about 5 weeks SO LONG AS you keep air OUT of          the containers!  OR, you have the option of freezing the Tea.  IF YOU OPT TO FREEZE IT, you will need to break it down into doses,          whether it's  micro doses or ceremony doses.  Once the tea is frozen and thawed, it CANNOT be refrozen.  

 4.  Do I have to follow the Dieta and Medicine Protocol? 

      YES!!!!  Adverse interactions between Medications and Supplements (both prescribed AS WELL AS over the counter) are ALWAYS a        concern and must be guarded against!  The diet is important because it prepares your body for maximum uptake of the Tea and is a          sign of devotion to Mother Aya and her process. 

 5.  Do I have to have a Sitter?

      Yes, a sitter is a necessity for at home ceremonies!  They are there to make sure you are safe and secure.  They are also there to               keep timing on your doses as well as help you when you need it.  They are there to remove as much of the "thinking" as possible so           you can slide into your ceremony.  SAFETY IS A MUST!!!!! 


 6.  Am I allowed to share my sacraments with others?  

      NO.  The ONLY exception to this rule is if both you AND the person you are interested in sharing your sacrament with has already              been approved as a member, has gotten their membership and has either been to an in person ceremony with us or is an active Heal        at Home Member already.  

 7.  Can I request special shipping?  

      No, we ship everything the same, as Priority Mail.  We do not ship via any other courier and we do not offer "rush" delivery.

 8.  Will my at home ceremony be the same as being at Church with Aya Quest?

      No.  However, that doesn't mean that your home ceremony won't be as impactful or important.  There are many reasons we speculate        for this as well as many opinions we've heard from other members as to why.  One being the energy in the Church.  We have had so          many ceremonies there, there is so much good energy there, it just can't be replicated.  Another is having experienced people leading        your ceremony to look after you and guide you.  


 9.  How do I set up my space at home? 

      You need to make sure that the space is SAFE!!!  There shouldn't be anything that you could trip over, that could fall on you, that you          could hurt yourself with, etc., etc..  You also want to make sure that your sitter is looking out for these things as well.  You want the              space to quiet, cleansed and sacred, if possible. You want it calm and relaxing and conducive to a positive ceremony.  

10.  What is the name of the music used at the Church?  

       We use Spirit Waters and Spirit Dreams by Thomas Walker and David R. Miracle.  We recommend using this music for several                   reasons.  One, because we know EXACTLY how it works with a ceremony.  It doesn't make the high points too high or the low points         too low creating a manic mood.  We also use it because it contains no words and is therefore, less distracting.

11.  What are the scents used at the Church?

       We use White Sage and Palo Santo primarily.  We also use Vanilla Patchouli as well as Copal.

12.  What are the Ceremony dosing amounts for the Ayahuasca?



        If this is your first ceremony with Ayahuasca, you want to do a micro dose (about a teaspoon) and wait 20 minutes before doing                  anything else.  This allows time for any kind of allergic reaction to appear if you were going to have one. After that you will want to              take 1.5 ounces (we use 3 ounce cups during ceremony and find it very beneficial for this very purpose), wait 30 minutes.  At that 30          minute mark, you will want to take another 1.5 ounces and then do NOTHING for the next hour and half.  At the 2 hour mark (2 hours          from your 1st cup), if you are not feeling anything (and we mean ANYTHING), you will want to eat a SMALL sized bag of chips                    (preferably potato, though Doritos do work for some) and wait another 15-20 minutes.  If you still feel NOTHING take another 1.5                ounces.  


        If you have had an in person ceremony with us and are working with the Tea from home now, you don't have to micro dose.  You will          take 3 ounces, wait 15 minutes and then take another 3 ounces.  At 1 1/2 hours in (from your first cup) if you are not feeling anything          (and that means ANYTHING), you will want to eat a small bag of potato chips (or Doritos). 

        For FULL Ceremony Information and guidance, SEE OUR VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE. 

13.  What are the micro dose amounts for Ayahuasca? 

       This is a little trickier and as with all of this, everyone is different.  We recommend everyone start off with a Teaspoon full every other           or every 3rd night BEFORE BED!  Try doing this for a couple of weeks and see how you're feeling then.  If you aren't feeling the                 desired effects, you can up the amount and/or the number of days.  Remember, micro dosing WILL NOT cause a journey in most,               though it can cause a little more vivid or lucid dream state.  Contact Teri at for more                                         personalized instruction there.  

14.  What are the Tenants?  

       1.  RELAX

       2.  BREATHE

       3.  JUST IS


Remember, RESPECT and TRUST are the key when working with Mother Aya!  She's not about giving you what you WANT, she's about giving you what you NEED!!!  You are NOT in control of your journey, Mother is and you MUST allow her to go where she wants and needs to go and to show you what you need to see for you to be your best mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  



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