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Pre Ceremony Suggestions from Shaman Steve,

Practice a Vegetarian Diet as much as you can. Whole Fruits and Vegetables, fish is better than red meat, pork or chicken when it comes to fat, avoid deep-fried foods, by reducing our fat intake uptake is easier.

The number one thing to practice is relaxation, focused relaxation. Experience 1 hour of awake relaxation,

Hover in that place just before sleep, bring the mind to the slow and steady breathes to relax the brain, this is the first steps of letting go

By practicing we reduce anxiety, which will make it easier to find "neutral" so the experience just pulls us along.

Hydrate, Water, Coffee is ok, day of ceremony one cup, not a pot. Limit high sugar if possible. No energy drinks.

Fast only if you are accustomed to it 90 days before. Don't eat 4 hours before arrival.

Remember- RELAX

Often times spiritual openings begin the moment of commitment so don't be alarmed if dreams or oddities occur.

Heal at Home Guidance by Shamanista Teri Hupp

Below are links to our VICE docuseries, Kentucky Ayahuasca



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