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Aya Quest has our very own PRIVATE space that is for MEMBERS ONLY!!!!  If you participated in a ceremony (whether in person or through our Heal at Home program), you know that people who haven't simply AREN'T going to understand what you're talking about.  Yeah, there are social networking sites for these types of experiences, however, not everyone on them is experienced.  In our Heal at Home group, everyone in the group has either participated in person or through Heal at Home or is signed up for one experience or the other.  

The privacy allows you to share openly your experience(s) and with people who will understand what you're talking about.  It's also a great place to meet other members, to get feedback, and to share ideas.  You can start conversation pieces, post memes or offer input on other people's posts.  

Rules for the page are simple: 

1) You must be a member!!!!

2) Be respectful at ALL times!!!

3) It's not up to you to judge other people's posts.  Not everyone is in the same stage of progression and you need to respect that.  

4) While we don't moderate this page 24/7, we do check in on it.  If you are being rude to others, posting hurtful comments, making others feel uncomfortable or as though they don't belong, making threatening remarks to others or are in any way being disrespectful and/or disruptive YOU WILL BE REMOVED!!!!   

5) If you have a question that needs to be answered by Teri or Steve, send it to Teri at  If you are wanting sacrament for a Heal at Home Ceremony, you MUST go through the website. 


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