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Kentucky Ayahuasca University


All questions about this process are to be sent to -

So you want to be a Shaman/Shamanista in the United States of America? 

Do you think this will be easy? I hope not.

The selection process is about identifying those with strong observation skills, work ethic, commitment and last but not least can you think on your feet.

Phase 1 will be a 10 part written test with 10 questions in each part, each part will be about an episode of Kentucky Ayahuasca. 

There will be no charge for Phase 1 and it is to be done from home and printed and snail-mailed to the church address for consideration to advance to phase 2 of the selection process.

Your patience, perseverance, courage, and spirit will be tested through this selection process.

Those selected from Phase 1 will have to sign confidentiality agreements to proceed.

Those accepted to Kentucky Ayahuasca University (KAU) will be taught how to prepare Ayahuasca, Sananga, and apply Kambo plus have access to plant materials that our Church will be importing.

The first-class selected we are seeking will be the future Regional Shamans/Shamanistas, so needless to say we will be very selective.

Understand that flexibility will play a major role in this honing process, we will make mistakes as this is how all of this evolved.

How fast you go through will depend upon the individual.

Test 1- Kentucky Ayahuasca Episode 1

1. What is Ayahuasca?

2. Whom can Ayahuasca help?

3. Who and/or what is Mother Aya?

4. What is a purge? (50-200 words)

5. What is the goal for the first night of a ceremony, with new members?

6 What is the goal of the second night?

7. What is forgiveness (explain in 30-100 words)

8. Identify one aspect you would have done differently and why?

9. How should someone under the influence of Ayahuasca be treated?


10. Explain the significance of attention to detail, for example, Teri and Steve identifying Taylors teddy-bear. ( explain in 100 - 200 words)

This is the first test of 10, each corresponding to an episode, snail mail handwritten answers to.


2673 Campbellsville rd

Greensburg KY 42743. 

Those who pass this test will be emailed Confidentiality Agreements to be printed, signed and Notarized.

After these are returned in order, you will be sent a test 2-10.

These will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Candidates that pass Phase 1 will move to phase 2 of the selection process, there are three phases to the selection process.

More Information will be released at a future date.


08/05/19- Test 2- Episode 2

1. What is DMT? (explain in 20 words)

2. Identify and explain the ingredients of the Ayahuasca in the episode?

3. How does Ayahuasca differ from LSD?

4. Define Modern Shaman?

5. What are Sananga Drops and why are they beneficial?

6. Explain the use of Negative Sigils.

7. Summerize Taylor's experience as if you were talking to Steve

8. Why would someone had "red" in their vomit?

9. Describe the arena of reflection?

10. Describe what you woud have done differently than Steve

Wait until Confidentiality agreements arrive and send this test back with signed Confidentiality

agreements to proceed with test 3


TEST 3, 4 and 5 are posted below and are to be completed and returned together with a self addressed stamped envelope so test 6 -10 will have a supplement hard copy (yet to be announced) that will be mailed to you snail mail.

All questions are to be sent to

Episode 3 Test 3

  1. What is PTSD? Explain in 20 – 150 words

  2. Describe seasonal bi-polar disorder.

  3. Why is it important to not allow someone to drink too much Ayahuasca in ceremony?

  4. Explain the significance of removing an individual from their comfort zone on night 2.

  5. Explain how yoga could or could-not enhance an Ayahuasca ceremony.

  6. Describe Brenna’s entire weekend experience as if you were talking with Teri in a back room.

  7.  Explain the role of a Shamanic Apprentice. Explain in 20 – 100 words

  8. Why would Steve choose to talk with Walter in a sweat-lodge? Explain in 20 – 150 words

  9. Why do many individuals choose to leave something behind when their weekend ceremonies are over? For example, Brenna giving Steve her deployment coin. Explain in 100 – 200 words

  10. Identify 1 aspect of this episode that you would do differently than Steve, and explain why?

Episode 4 Test 4

  1. What role can Ayahuasca play in addiction treatment?

  2. Describe your first impression of Dane, and his first night experience.

  3. Explain the benefits of sharing your personal relevant and/or similar life experiences with others in a ceremony.

  4. What does Steve mean when he says “feminine energy,” during this episode?

  5. Summarize the opioid addiction crisis.

  6. Share a personal story you have relating to opioid addiction.

  7. Describe the change in Dane, from start to finish.

  8. What does Steve mean when he says “conversational hypnosis”?

  9. Identify 1 aspect of this episode that you would do differently than Steve, and explain why?

  10. Identify and describe medical conditions individuals may have that the Church should avoid treating.

Episode 5 Test 5

  1. Define medicine.

  2. Why are keys and phones removed from participants before a ceremony?

  3. What is Sage, and how can it be used in a ceremony?

  4. Why would Steve not want journeying individuals led outside? 40 – 120 words

  5. How would you handle a situation like the one created by Tlawil’s on night 1?

  6. What are religious cults, and what sets our church apart from them? 50 – 150 words

  7. Explain the importance of submission as if you were having a conversation with someone about to journey. 50 – 150 words

  8. Why would Steve bring individuals into a tent during their journey?

  9. What is the “Garden of Contemplation”?

  10. Describe a way in which Steve could have handled the Tlawil situation differently. 50 word min

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