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  About ANAC

Aya Quest Native America's Church (ANAC) is a MEMBERS ONLY Church and was founded by Shaman Steve Hupp in 2014, though he has been working with the tea for almost 20 years now.  A devout Atheist for most of his life, he credits Ayahuasca with giving him his FIRST religious experience despite having gone to church and having been baptized Southern Baptist as a child.  Steve's calling to Shamanism has been a unique one and the instructions were crystal clear:  Make this Sacred Tea available to as many as possible.  Steve has done that.  

Aya Quest is a Non-Denominational, Non-Dogmatic Church.  We believe everyone has the right to meet their Creator in a safe, structured environment and that is what we provide.  Your safety and well being is and will always be our NUMBER ONE concern!  

How to Become a Member

Step 1:  Submit the Aya Quest membership application request form.

Step 2.  Wait for an email from us letting us know whether the application has been accepted or not or if we need more information and/or clarification about your application.  This can take up to 2 weeks to receive.  PLEASE ADD INFO@AYAQUEST.ORG to your contacts.  This is the email address that your response to your Membership Request will be sent from.  

Step 3:  Once you have received your acceptance letter, you will need to purchase your Mandatory Membership and will then be able to either reserve your seat for an in person group ceremony or sign up for our Heal at Home Ceremony if you are approved for that.  If you prefer a Private Ceremony, you will need to email Teri Hupp at to coordinate on dates.  


                                                  Shaman Steve Hupp

Questions and Answers

For questions about the Church itself and In person Ceremonies, please click here.

For other frequently asked questions, please click here.

To PURCHASE your membership, see dates for ceremonies and to make the reservation offerings for any of our ceremonies, please click here.

For information on and to sign the waiver for our Heal at Home program, and to watch the video tutorial,  please click here

For information on a VMC, please click here.  

For questions on the legality of Ayahuasca as a Sacrament, please click here.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life" -  Steve Hupp

Member Comments

Teri, Steve, and Paige have met their calling. They provide a safe and loving environment and are very committed to your journey. Amazing people, fantastic weekend, wonderful experience. I'm very grateful❤

Beautiful souls with beautiful, best intentions for you. They are great caregivers when you are going through the difficult parts of the journey. They allow you your space when you are in the wonderful parts of the journey. My fears, anxieties, resentments, anger, and self doubts have been significantly released thanks to my Aya experience. I would recommend this step to anyone seeking healing. Blessings to all those here researching brave steps!

I was finally able to attend a ceremony a few weeks ago and I am impressed with the workers and the precautions they are taking with Covid. the first night I mainly slept but that is what my body needed. the second night i had a mind blowing experience. I look forward to being able to return

I’ve been a member of Ayaquest for four years. Since the first time I’ve participated in a ceremony, I’m glad that I discovered Ayaquest.

Ayahuasca has changed my life for the better. Every time I go, I walk out with a fresh new perspective on my life and a greater, deeper understanding of what has been troubling me or holding me back from becoming my true authentic self. After partaking in seven ceremonies, I’ve come to respect ayahuasca as a tool for healing and self-enhancement.

Steve and his team – Teri, Nick, and Paige – are dedicated and care deeply about what they do. There are other locations across the U.S., but I wouldn’t trust anyone else to go to for ayahuasca ceremonies. They supported me through thick and thin whenever I’ve journeyed. What I also like about the Ayaquest team is that they are continuously learning about their craft. They are always working on how to improve the efficacy of their services to others and finding new ways on how to deepen experiences. Safety is also a priority at Ayaquest.

If you seek healing from any mental, emotional, or spiritual ailments; or if you are just simply curious, give Ayaquest a try!

Highly recommend!

This has totally changed my life. So glad I met these amazing people!

Been twice now and I cant begin to explain the experience! Simply amazing! I recommend it to anyone who is feeling a calling from the spirits to do it. . DO IT!! Steve and Terri are amazing and they help you through your journey! It leaves an impact on your soul that no therapy could ever even think about leaving! It's always a small group so unlike the amazon where your surrounded by 50 people it's very private and monitored! It's worth the money! Would definitely go again its life changing!! Love you guys at Aya Quest!! Cant wait to see you again!

Steve and Teri run an amazing Native America Church. I participated in a Aya Ceremony last weekend on the Summer Solstice, and it exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. Each individual will have a different experience, but one thing they all share is the amazing safe atmosphere that Steve, Teri, and Nick provide. They are there to teach everyone ways and medicines that can help get past all of the illusions and half-truths that society has programmed us with, to help us see our potential and most important, the real nature what this place truly is. They were so compassionate with taking care of everyone at the ceremony. All I can say now is... I can't wait until I get back there!!!



We LOVE hearing from you!  

Phone consultation by appointment ONLY


Aya Quest Native Americas Church is a non-denominational fellowship based on ancient practices of indigenous populations, using sacred plant medicines to effect personal spiritual transformation and healing.  Membership is possible for any individual seeking direct experience of the transcendental in a quest for greater enlightenment.  

Welcome to Aya Quest.  We are a Native Americas Church and use our  sacrament of Ayahuasca to grow spiritually, to become better connected to all living things, and to achieve a higher level of conciousness and understanding.  We believe that in order to be the best we can be, we must be healthy in mind and body as well as in spirit.  We believe that Ayahuasca is our portal to Mother Aya, if you will, the ambassador to Source (what others might call God, Jehova, Allah, the Divine, etc.) and that should be celebrated and respected as such.    


We DO NOT try to recreate Traditional South American Ayahuasca Ceremonies and we are not a "retreat".  We are a church that believes all that is needed to meet Mother Aya, as we call her, is an open mind, a TRUE desire to grow personally and spiritually and the opportunity to safely experience her.  That is why we brew our own Ayahuasca (as opposed to most other places), this way we KNOW EXACTLY what is in the Sacrament you drink and we know it's safe!  Our Ceremonies are designed to be safe, comfortable and informative.  We will guide you through your ceremony, we will show you where to look, though we will never tell you what to see.  Your experience will be unique to you and will be kept in the utmost confidence of our clerical staff.   

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