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Teri H
Seeker of Mother

It is with a very heavy, broken heart that I am informing you all that Steve has passed away. It happened this past Tuesday and I am sorry I didn't remember to post it here. I posted it on our Facebook and sent a newsletter and that was as much as my mind would let me do. You can see the obituary on L.R. Petty Funeral and Cremation Home website or on the Aya Quest page. Please send him love wherever he may be.

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    JAY Jones
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  • Tami
    Seeker of Mother

    I haven't seen anyone post since Steve passed. Understandably. What do you even say. I did note our beloved Shaminista having to reply to people who may or may not receiving the news of his passing. It was truly gut wrenching that Teri was getting requests to receive any services. I can't even imagine. Just leaving that there. I miss Steve terribly. We all do. I can't imagine how Teri is coping and PRAY she is finding any comfort and answers each day. Teri if you see this, please let us know what we can do. I trust the Universe listens to us at the right time. Thank You for EVERYTHING you do. Teri, how are you doing now? The only thing we care about is you, your family and how you got through all of it. What can WE all do to accept missing Steve and supporting you and…

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  • Teri H
    Seeker of Mother

    OUTDOOR CEREMONY AUG 31-Sept 4!!!!!!!!

    Regulations: You MUST have attended an INDOOR ceremony with us and you must have done well with it.

    Location: Westport, Illinois

    There are only a total of 20 seats available.

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    Brandon G.


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