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So, I had my first kambo ceremony yesterday and it was so amazing. It opened with some pretty powerful hape' that put me on cloud 9 for several long minutes while I basked in its power. Then the kambo was applied. I only got 3 gates for my first time. The initial effects were very intense with a lot of heat, pressure and nausea. I didn't vomit even though it came very close several times. What I noticed most was the energetic/emotional rollercoaster that it caused. At one time while my facilitator was singing I just burst into tears for several minutes. The energy was just pulsing from one point to another all through my body. I finished up with some mild sananga that just tied the whole experience together perfectly. I'm already planning my next session which will be much more intense and hopefully equally intense in its healing.

I highly recommend kambo to anyone looking to deepen their healing journey. Just make sure you do your research first so that you know that you're working with an experienced practitioner.

Much love and many blessings,


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