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Heal at Home

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The weeks following a ceremony always amaze me. The aha moments, the realizations that snap into focus, seeing life with such clarity. Ayahuasca is truly an amazing plant medicine, I'm grateful for how it heals us in so many ways. Life and all the distractions that come with it have a way of clouding what we should be focusing/working on. Mother Aya finds endless ways steer us in the right direction and discards so much emotional/mental trauma and baggage. How lucky we are to have this medicine. Thank you mother Ayahuasca. Thank you Aya Quest. Thank you Steve, Terri, Paige and all the staff. Thank you heal at home group members. Thank you universe. If anyone needs help with anything at all I'm here for all of you, in any way you need. Message me through this app or my email is in my wix bio. Much love

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