Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  What do I do to attend a ceremony?

      The first thing you have to do attend a ceremony with us is to fill out the Application provided.  You will be notified via the email                    address provided as to whether your application has approved or declined OR if we have questions regarding information on it.  

 2.  Why do I have to be a Member?

      Because we are a Church, NOT a retreat (retreats ARE illegal in the US) and for us to legally work with you, you must be a Member          of our Church.

 3.  How old do I have to be in order to become a Member?

      You must be 21 years of age to submit an application. 

 4.  I am a Member of ONAC (or other Native American Church).  Is my Membership with them good with you?

      No, we cannot accept the Membership from another Church or Organization just as they cannot accept ours.  

 5.  Why do you ask for the information on the application and what if I don't want to give it?

      We ask for all of the information on the application because we like to know who you are, what is going on with you, what you are                seeking to achieve as a Member of Aya Quest.  It is also imperative that we know of any medications and/or medical conditions you            take/have so that we can make the SAFEST, BEST decision possible regarding your experience.  If you don't want to give the                    information requested, your application WILL BE DECLINED.    

 7.  What do you do with the information I provide on my application?

      The information provided on your application is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!!!  We DO NOT sell or give your information out to                    ANYONE!  Your information is protected with us as we are religious clergy, the same as a Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, Brother, or whatever          other title you want to put on it.  The information is for OUR use only and is required for for us know the safest, best way to help you            and work with you.

 8.  Do I have to change or be of a certain Faith or Religion to become a Member of Aya Quest?

      NO!  We are a nondenominational Church.  Your belief structure is yours and yours alone and we do not try to change or sway it in              any  way.  

 9.  Where is Aya Quest located?

      Currently, our only location is at 2673 Campbellsville Road, Greensburg, Kentucky.  We are located directly across from Greensburg Healthcare and right next door to Dr. Robert Simmons.

10.  Why does it matter if I have been taking medicine?

       Because Ayahausca contains MAOI'S (plant based) and a lot of medications cannot be taken with MAOI's due to the possibility of             adverse reactions up to and including death.  The length of time that each medicine poses that risk is different from medication to               medication, so BEFORE reserving a seat in ANY ceremony, you would need to talk with your pharmacist about what you have been         taking and how long you would need to wait to safely take a PLANT BASED MAOI.  This is true for Prescription AS WELL AS over             the counter medicines.  If you use HERBS, you will need to talk with an HERBALIST.   

11.  What medicines CANNOT be taken with Ayahuasca? 

       The list is incredibly large, again, you will need to talk with your pharmacist or herbalist.  

12.  Does Aya Quest refuse Membership requests and if so for what reasons?

       Yes, we do refuse Membership requests.  Aside from being under 21, the reasons vary.  We will not make a blanket statement on               why we do as we take each person and case on an individual basis and really do try to work with as many people as possible.

13.  Is Ayahuasca safe?

       Statistically, significant instances of verifiable harmful complications with Ayahuasca are virtually NONEXISTENT.  Participants are             cautioned, however, to abstain from certain foods ad medications in the few weeks leading up to the ceremony due to possibly                   harmful (up to and including) deadly interactions.  We ask for sincere and responsible cooperation from EVERYONE seeking to                   participate in ceremonies.  Read more about medication and dietary recommendations CLICK HERE.    

14.  Is Ayahuasca like Acid, Mushrooms or other hallucinogens? 

       NO!  First and foremost, Ayahuasca is NOT a drug.  It is the sacrament that helps in spiritual growth and is not absorbed in the same         way that drugs are nor is it an experience like any other.   

15.  Am I allowed to bring someone with me for support?  

       Unfortunately, no.  We do not allow spectators in group or private ceremonies.  The ONLY people allowed during a ceremony are               those who are participating as well as our clergy.

16.  What is the closest Airport or Bus Station to you?

       The closest Airport to us Louisville International and the closest bus station is going to be the Greyhound Station in Louisville as well.         Both are roughly 2 hours NORTH of our location so you will need to rent a car to get from there to our location.  Most taxi's and                   driving services will NOT bring you this far out, nor will they come this far out to pick you up.  If you do, by chance, find one that will,           be prepared to spend around the $200+ range.  YOUR TRANSPORTATION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!  WE CANNOT AND DO           NOT TRANSPORT PEOPLE TO AND/OR FROM OUR LOCATION.  

17.  What kind of music do you use and if I wanted, could I use my own?

       The kind of music we use is recorded Native American Flute Music.  We use it versus Icarros for several reasons.  One, we are NOT           trying to recreate a South American experience.  Secondly, the music we use drives and steers the experience BEAUTIFULLY and             better than any other we have found.  Also, we have found that if music contains words, people, being people, focus on the words               and trying to understand them instead of focusing on relaxing and letting the experience pull them away thus taking away from their           experience.  We do NOT allow phones, Ipads or other electronic devices during ceremony, so no, you would not be able to use your           own music.  

18.  Do I need to wear a certain style or color clothing?

       No.  We do not believe that color or style of clothing that you wear will have ANY impact on the type of experience you have.  We do           recommend that the clothing you wear be comfortable and NOT contain a lot of straps or buckles.  We also ask that you NOT wear             skirts, dresses  (regardless of the length)  short shorts or cut off, mid-drift  or revealing shirts.  Some people tend to get very active             during their experience and these items raise the risk of your exposure.  We try our best to protect your modesty under those                       circumstances, however, your help in doing so is required.  PLEASE make sure you are dressed appropriately.

19.  Are Deposits Refundable?

       Generally, no, as is stated in the terms and conditions box you must check to proceed with in making your reservation.  When your             seat is reserved, the donation money goes towards getting the materials needed for the seat in the ceremony you reserved a seat               in to attend.  That is why we ask that you make CERTAIN to have things squared away on your end BEFORE you reserve a seat.               That means making certain that you have requested and been approved time off of work and having checked with a pharmacist or             herbalist  about things you have taken PRIOR to reserving your seat.  We will take EXTENUATING circumstances into account on a           person to person basis.  

20.  What is the difference between a Private Ceremony and a Group Ceremony?

       Our Group ceremonies are open to all Members.  Seats are available on a first come, first served  basis are are held typically the first         and third weekends of each month.  Private ceremonies are just you (or your personal group) and are scheduled during the week or           on the weekends that we don;t have Group ceremonies scheduled.  

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