1.  Is Ayahuasca safe?

Statistically, significant instances of verifiable harmful complications with Ayahuasca are virtually nonexistent. Participants are cautioned, however, to abstain from certain foods and medications in the few weeks leading up to the ceremony due to possible harmful interactions. We ask for sincere and responsible cooperation from EVERYONE seeking to participate in ceremonies. Read more about medication and dietary recommendations CLICK HERE.

 2.  I am on anti depressants, can I drink Ayahuasca?

No!  Anti depressants and Ayahuasca DON'T mix!!!  And some anti depressants can take up to 60 days to flush completely from your system. Check with your Pharmacist about the safety of your Medications with Plant based MAOI's.

 3.  Are Payments refundable?

Normally No, but we will take circumstances into consideration on a case by case basis. Please understand we have bought plant materials and brewed your Medicine, not to mention we held your place which we may not be able to fill. Please be sure before you commit that you will be able to attend.

 4.  Am I allowed to bring someone to just be there with me as support?

No, we do not allow people who are not participating to be present during a ceremony. 

 5.  Do I need to wear a specific type or color of clothing?

No.  We do suggest comfortable clothing (ex.  sweat pants, basketball shorts, yoga pants, etc..) but they do not have to be a specific color or fabric.  

 6. Can I bring food?

Aya Quest has a fridge and microwave onsite, so the answer is YES, we encourage you to do so! We provide water and snacks

            What kind of COVID19 Precautions does Aya Quest take?

Aya Quest (AQ) screens for temperature and does a smell test upon arrival. 

AQ uses a 275 watt UVC Flood Light to not only sanitize surfaces but this is the only method to clean the air.

AQ has a detailed application process to include COVID19 related questions.

AQ provides hand sanitizer and shower area for personal hygiene.

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