I am Shaman Steve Hupp and I am about to share some love the plants have shared with me in regards to Covid19.

What I have to share with you is backed by science but overlooked by the "powers that be"

Please read this article that explains what Covid19 does in a very easy to understand way- Click Here


After reading you now understand that it is the Cytokine Storm that sets our immune system against us with our T cells going on a kill everything approach.

Curcumin is a powerful medicine that interferes with the "docking" to

the cell by the virus and it is a strong anti-inflammatory without complications which is proven to dial back the Cytokine Storm.

Curcumin Anti Docking Click Here

Curcumin Clinical Trials Click Here


Fisetin Info Click Here    

Fisetin prevented Viral replication significantly of the Dengue Virus which is an RNA Replicating virus like Covid19.


Quercetin Info CLICK HERE  and CLICK HERE

Kambo- Dermaseptins CLICK HERE and Here

Syrian Rue ( Peganum harmala)- CLICK HERE

Olive Oil 

Medical Doctors can only speak about FDA Approved Treatments.

I can create a plant-based medicine handcrafted for you individually that is safe and healthy. A medicine that is anti-viral and anti replicator which can mean the difference between Life and Death

We have much more to offer that is safe, vegan-friendly, all-natural and we have something for depression and anxiety too.

"The Difficult we do quickly, the impossible takes a little longer"


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