Covid19 Self Care Guide

Ayahuasca is a potent Medicine against depression, anxiety and a inner balance that affects our immune response. We will be releasing Micro doses of Ayahuasca to stimulate your immune system via mail to members only. Email put Micro dose in subject line. Investgate Vitamin D Vitanin C Lysine and zinc Excercise Meditate JUST IS Peace and Progression Steve

Corona Virus Self Care Guide

I have been observing what is happening with Corona Virus and I have a therory that I have been working with. Viruses have been around since the beginning of time, this one is not a super virus, it behaves like many others. Native Americans use a sweat lodge to raise core body temp much like your body does when you have a fever, now remember you can have the virus without being symptomatic for days ( incubation period) this is where the virus is replicating and is preparing to overwhelm your immune system and the body goes into a fever which stops the replication of the virus through heating the bodies core tempature and (hopefully) your immune system whens the battle. Now if you heat the bo

CoronaVirus vs Kambo - Vaccine of the Amazon

No Frogs were injured collecting this Medicine, below is what we "know" but to "do" is to "understand" Prevention is worth a pound of cure where viruses are concerned!! THIS TEXT IS A SUMMARY OF RESEARCH CARRIED OUT BY PHARMACIST ROSA SANCHIS. Opening new fields in biomedical research given the great variety of pathologies that could be treated with Kambó. The gelatinous secretions produced by the skin glands of many species of the Anuras family (‘without a tail’ in Greek) contain a large number of often highly concentrated, biologically active compounds. These venomous cutaneous secretions are considered to be part of the innate immune system of the species as they constitute the defence me

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