Kentucky Ayahuasca University (KAU) Phase One- Criteria of Application

Please accept my apologies for taking so long since the initial announcement, please understand we are in ceremony every week and this can not be rushed. Criteria for being accepted is as follows: 1. Must be a lifetime member in good standing. 2. Must have attended one ceremony with Aya Quest. 3. Must Intern at least 2 ceremonies - Intern is volunteering to work with us as staff in Ceremonies, this allows us to observe you and for you to see the process from our side of the table before committing. 4. At the end of your internship you will either be offered to proceed or you will be denied. 5. If you are chosen to proceed to phase 2, you will be instructed on how to proceed online as Phase

Ayahuasca: Things to remember when traveling abroad Pt. 2

The link for part 1 can be found below this paragraph. In short, when it comes to the world of Ayahuasca, there is a lot to keep in mind when traveling abroad. Whether it be here in the United States or the jungles of South America, safety of one's self and those that may be accompanying them in this adventure should always be a top priority. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting to take a different means to find help, there is a fine line between doing so safely and doing so recklessly. So without further ado, some guidelines and tips to keep in mind when traveling abroad. Know where you're going: In the world of Ayahuasca, it is truly amazing what all can be found in terms of locat

Application Process

First, I would like to thank everyone for their patience in regards to the application process. I know it is hard when you're waiting for a response and I certainly apologize that it's taking up to 6 weeks to get those to you. Please understand, there is only ONE person who handles the applications for safety reasons (me) and I also have to host ceremonies, both group and private. I am certainly working as hard as I can to get those answered and to verify clearances as quickly as possible. I'm sure some of you wonder why it's even necessary to have an application and clearance (when needed), and the answer is, for your safety! Your safety is our PRIMARY concern and NOTHING is put above

Ayahuasca: Notes for Beginners Pt. 2

Below this paragraph is the link to part one if you haven't read it yet. When it comes to the world of ayahuasca, there is a lot of information out there that can make it hard to distinguish fact from fiction. This can be even more so confusing for new people as the information overload out there can also give them warped mechanisms for coping or bestow onto them things that could cause them to be overwhelmed in an experience or even false expectations. So, in order to help clear up some of the confusion, I've taken it upon myself to make these in an effort to help clear the air some when regarding ayahuasca and those curious about it all. So without further ado, here is part 2. When You Say

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