Ayahuasca: Things to remember when traveling abroad Pt. 1

When it comes to Ayahuasca as a whole, there is may things that comes to an individual's mind. For some, it is the nervousness of delving into the unknown. For others, it is enthusiasm to be able to partake in such a sacred and unique thing. Regardless, one thing that should always be in the mind of everyone from the most experienced of journeyers to the newest of new should always be one of safety when traveling abroad to do so. This article is dedicated to the idea of questions one should always ask themselves when working in such realms for it is easy to let the idea of overcoming something or just being able to experience such. So without further ado: What is in the tea?: When it comes t

Ayahuasca: Myths and Misconceptions Pt.3

The links provided above are to parts one and two of the blogs surrounding the myths and misconceptions regarding Ayahuasca. Much like it's predecessors, these posts are an attempt to dispel the air some of all the myths and misconceptions that is behind what we all know as Ayahuasca. It may also even help calm the minds of anyone new to this and bring them a sense of peace and maybe an idea of what to expect going into such. After all, taking steps into the realm of the unknown can be unnerving and sometimes need something to help us regain structure as well as calm to an extent. And so, onto part three.. When it comes to an Ayahuasca Experience, you have to do it traditionally: It is often

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