Photobiomodulation: What is it?

Before I begin this article, I would like to thank everyone for their patience. Things have been busy on this end of the spectrum, but now: Blogs will be returning again. Disclaimer: This blog is based around the medical journals and finding and is simply the discussion of the topics found within. While such may have shown promise in results, it isn't advised to use this for serious underlying medical conditions as a substitute for proper treatment for trauma or other potential afflictions. When it comes to light, it holds a number of roles both positive and negative depending on how the user wields it. From moods to skin cancer to the growth and decay of plants, light plays a role in many w

Kambo: Questions and Concerns Part 5

How many points do you do?: When it comes to researching this medicine, it is often seen in video that the people of the Amazon do a lot of points. Some places going from 5 to 7 to 12, some doing 15, some even going to the point of 20 or more. And upon seeing some of the people undergo such, it isn't uncommon that people who are curious about such a medicine no longer want to do such because of what they bared witness to. However, despite what you may have witnessed, we aren't like those places when it comes to our method of approach. Rather, we do what is often comfortable or the amount people want to try up to and with good reason. When it comes to the videos of the people getting multiple

Update: Membership Changes

Good afternoon one and all! Those of you have been to the site recently might have noticed that there has been a change in our membership policies and prices quite recently. Behind every action is a reason why and this post is here to explain the changes and why they've taken place. Whether you are a long time member or a newcomer to our church, these changes affect everybody regardless and we here at Aya Quest feel you deserve an explanation behind these sudden changes. So without further ado, here is some insight behind what all has changed. First and foremost on the list is our membership policy regarding the types of memberships available. We have completely removed the annual membership

Update: Orders are going to be slightly delayed.

Good day, one and all, hopefully you are doing wonderful today. Unfortunately, I regret to inform everyone who've placed an order for the tea recently is going to have to wait a bit longer than expected for your order to come in. Recently, our place where we brew the tea was intruded upon by unknown individual(s). Things in the building were rummaged through, opened, and tampered with. Thankfully, no one was hurt or injured. However, with that being said, out of risk of possible contamination from the individual(s) responsible for getting into our location, we've had to dump the brew and start from scratch again. So we here at AyaQuest apologize for any inconveniences for those who've placed

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