Free 3 day 2 night Ayahuasca Ceremony Filmed Event - Update

If you are between 21-40 and have specific reasons to experience Ayahuasca (addiction,anger,depression,PTSD to name a few, but not limited to) We will need between 60-80 people for this ongoing project. Aya Quest is screening applicants for medical clearance, then we forward to the "producers" of this project. From there they (producers) will make the final determination of who is selected for this project. Please Email to be considered.

Intermittent Fasting: Methods of Approach

When it comes to Intermittent Fasting, as previously talked about in my last blog post, it was briefly mentioned that there are a number of approaches when it comes to such. The few that were mentioned were only briefly mentioned and so in this blog is a rough bases of how each one works. Each method has it's own set up as well as what it takes to achieve such. All of these can be done in the comfort in one's home as well as if the individual is on a fixed budget. As well as previously discussed: This is not a substitute or plan of action as a means to treat a medical affliction and shouldn't be taken as such. The 16:8- The most common of such methods, this method focuses on 16 hours of the

Intermittent Fasting: Methods of Approach Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, there are a number of ways one can practice Intermittent Fasting. Not only is there a multitude of methods used to practice such. All of which can be done without having to balance a budget or anything to that degree. And all of which can be done from anywhere whether it be the comfort of your home, daily life, or otherwise. As stated from last time: We here at Ayaquest do not advise such as a method or means to treat any ailments an individual may be afflicted with. Alternate Day Fasting: Under this method of approach, the individual switches back and forth on days of fasting. However, for those days of fasting, the individual is allowed to consume up to 500 calories

Alkaline and Acidic Foods: What Does it Mean for the Body?

When it comes to the human body, it is simply amazing just to see what all it can endure as well as what it does to the things we subject it to. Take for instant the one thing we all do: consume. Regardless of your upbringing or where you are born into this world, whether it be in a mansion somewhere with a silver spoon in your mouth or born onto a dirt road of a poor country, we all have one thing in common and that is the need to consume. After all, it is the way we keep our bodies functioning unless we wish to succumb to starvation. But what we consume not only affects our bodies as a whole in terms of nutritional value, but the content of what we ingest also affects the pH levels within

Ayahuasca Animal Visions: The Eagle

When it comes to Ayahuasca journeys, it isn't uncommon for an animal to make itself know in one's vision. Some come as a form of messenger from the beyond to let us know something is afoot. Others may come to serve as a milestone for reaching a key point in your life. Whatever the reason, many different animals serve as different form of message bearers. One to make headway in the visions of some: The Eagle In Native American lore, the eagle is often regarded as a powerful creature. To some tribes, the eagle is a symbol of change coming your way, and it can show you how to prepare for it. To others, it is a symbol of self discovery and the finding of one's self. Associated with that discove

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