Anticipating The First Cup: Thoughts and Feelings

When many of those come through our door, it isn't uncommon for people to experience a sense of uneasiness when it comes to drinking Ayahuasca. That at that moment of the first cup being poured, a sense of uncertainty can be felt within. Maybe you are feeling anxious, nervous about what may be inside and it being prone to coming out. But fear not, for even with me being a medicine man in training and yet to have had my first cup, I too get a bit antsy when it comes to the thought sometimes when thinking of how my first journey could go. However, at the same time, there is nothing to worry about. When it comes to Ayahuasca, like any other newcomer, I too am uncertain as to what to expect in m

Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Part 7

Have you ever had a medical emergency or allergic reaction?: When it comes to any form of healing, especially things the body can physically take, people often get weary. In one part, not being sure what all is in the brew. In another part, tales of people heading to South America only to wind up hurt or worse. And rightfully so, after all, this is something we around the rest of the world aren't entirely accustom to or all familiar with aside from those who work with the plant daily. However, here at AyaQuest, we can assure you that you are in safe hands. When it comes to our brew, we start off with newcomers by giving them a small amount to micro-dose them. This helps them get accustom to

Kambo: Questions and Concerns Part 3

Does Kambo require religious protections?: Another question that sometimes comes up when it comes to doing Kambo is one of legality. After all, Ayahuasca is under religious protection on a federal level and in certain states too such as here in Kentucky when used under the proper terms and respectfully. So with that being said, some may assume that it too has to be under protection. After all, like Ayahuasca, it has some altering effects on the body. However, despite this, it doesn't require any religious freedoms. When it comes to Kambo, while yes it affects the body, it isn't like Ayahuasca or Peyote in which certain requirements from the state must be met if able. In fact, it doesn't just

Ayahuasca: Expectations Versus Reality Part 2

Expectation: This is going to be like any other psychedelic- When it comes to Ayahuasca, those who have done their research have found that this brew does and can cause most to enter a world beyond what our senses normally perceive. However, born from this information and the lack of having ever drank Ayahuasca for some out there, a sense of pride may come over them. That for some of those wishing to try it, they often feel that their experience with psychedelics are unmatched. Hardened psychonauts from years and years of playing in the realm of the altered mind from whatever their choice of reaching such, some come in feeling they've seen it all. Both the good and the bad trips are both wat

Ayahuasca: Expectations Versus Reality Part 1

As more and more people come to us, seeking a calm within their lives. Often to follow in that same vein are those who think that Ayahuasca is a huge magic eraser that leaves them a blank canvas. And while there are many things ayahuasca can do to help a person, there is also more to it all than just drinking a cup. That just because you drank for two nights, the world you wish to create for you will not happen over night. Like anything in life, such will take time and effort and your will to bring it to light. So this, along with some additional posts will be centered around some the things new comers expect or don't find in research as a means to help people realize that there is more to s

Was Jesus Christ a Shaman?

I was in the “hole” in federal prison for 6 months and that is where I read the bible (king james version) 6 times front to back as it was my only book, I am a devout athiest at this time. When I excised Jesus from Christainity, I found not a Savior, but a friend and commrade. Jesus never wore a cross, the cross wore him. He never built a church, he had a radical Ministry for the time. He accepted all, the worst with compassion, he attacked the money changers and died a convicted felon, among felons. I consider Jesus to be one of the greatest Shamans in the world, most of his life was/is a mystery. He fasted and went into the wilderness to talk to Satan. If you read the The Psychedilic Gospe

Ayahuasca - What if I cant handle the truth?

Ignorance is bliss and let the illusion set you free….what is truth is my question, 3 people see a car wreck, you will have 3 different versions of the event and all will be telling the truth. Truth evaporates the moment it happens and transforms into perception, what controls perception? Thoughts

Ayahuasca and Soma

Can we consider Ayahuasca being an Amazonian equivalent of Vedic Soma? In short I would agree that it could be called that, for others reading the article below will give more understanding as I have found Ayahuasca in many parts of the world under different names dating earlier than the Amazon. Note: the following article is based upon Vamadeva’s extensive study of Vedic texts in the original Sanskrit and his work with Ayurveda and herbs. Soma is a great deity, cosmic power and spiritual principle in Vedic thought. It also had its counterpart in the plant kingdom. There has been a long search for the identity of the original Soma plant was and several plants have been proposed as representi

Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Part 6

Will I have to relive my past traumas?: Another common question that often comes our way when it comes to Ayahuasca is often a fear most have, and that is if they are gonna have to relive their past trauma? After all, Aya can cause one to travel back into their pasts and pull up those memories. After all, everything is does generally pull out of you is stuff that were there, known and unknown. And while the thought of having to possibly see such again, there isn't anything to fear. If anything, it is often a step forward to overcome the chains that bind us in such. When it comes to people who have suffered traumas of any kind, it is often common place that such is either buried deeply to the

Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Question 5

How often do people go into a panic: When some come to seek out our guidance, though not one of the many questions often ask, one that does find itself showing up time to time is the questions of "Will it be me who becomes out of control?" The fear of losing control is any human's fear. But, luckily, this isn't a common occurrence. However, if one does happen, there isn't any need to panic. Even if you are the individual freaking out, again, no worries. When it comes to a panicked individual, there are a few things both the person flipping out or the person who is journeying can remember if such does occur. If you are the one who isn't having a mini-panic, the best thing you can do is please

Ayahuasca: Personal Thoughts

As a medicine man in training for a number of ceremonies now, it is common place for people to often ask what it is i think of the medicine. That often, I find myself being questioned about my opinions of the medicine, what do I think of the work it does, and so forth down the line. And to be honest, I find a lot of amazing things when I see the brew each ceremony that we hold. Many things, I believe lie within it that we as people are unable to begin to imagine what powers lie within. That what it can heal are only but grains of sand in the true power that dwells within. For starters, look at all the forgotten memories Ayahuasca brings back to the surface for those who have under due to cir

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