Reasons You Should Drink Ayahuasca

What is Ayahuasca – “Iowaska”? Ayahuasca, iowaska, ayawaska, and yage all means the same thing. It is a hallucinogenic brew that contains DMT that gives people enlightening experiences that changes lives for the better. reasons You Should try it: Emotional Healing: Ayahuasca is a medicine that heals the mind and body. When you drink ayahuasca, your past emotions will come up. Your hidden traumatic emotions will surface, and you get to face it. You’ll bravely deal with it head on, and resolve it. As your emotional burden lessens, so does your karma. There is no other way as this is the fastest way to healing. Spiritual Advancement: Get a glimpse of enlightenment while breaking away from the m

Ayahuasca effects

Ayahuasca is a shamanic medicine originating from the Amazon Rainforest, brewed from a combination of several plants that are legally available. It is associated with rituals and religious ceremonies that are specific to a complete Ayahuasca experience. The immediate effects of the medicine can be felt in about 20-60 minutes after the oral intake, but the intoxication can last on a person for up to 8 hours. Ayahuasca has a broad spectrum of some amazing positive effects on the body, mind and soul, making one feel completely different in every single ceremony. Here are some of the benefits and effects associated with the medicine explaining why should one try the amazing Ayahuasca Experience.

Ayahuasca General Effects

Ayahuasca is used extensively for healing and religious ceremonies. In recent decades, there is a growing interest in the said substance due to its potential in treating mental disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. Ayahuasca users disclosed that the experience was fulfilling and worth it. Most individuals feel that they are free and a better person following their Ayahuasca session. Some were able to quit from doing cocaine and bad habits. Others experienced psychological and spiritual healing with personal insight and integration. It might sound exaggerated to some who are doubtful to Ayahuasca but yes, there are Ayahuasca users who became more ap

Ayahuasca Will -

Ayahuasca Will Bring You Conscience Awareness and Ethical Awakening Ayahuasca will help you cleanse your body of bad karma. It does this through conscience awareness– if you have previously lived a life full of ethically questionable deeds, the karma that result from these deeds often lie dormant in the body. Remember, this kind of karma cannot be easily hidden, ignored, or repressed. The same also goes true for associated emotions like guilt, shame, fear. Ayahuasca will make you aware of all of these as well as ill karma that you may have in your body. And thus, with awareness, comes healing. Through the Ayahuasca, one can learn to forgive one’s self, to recognize the causes of ill karma an

Anorexia Nervosa: How can Ayahuasca Help?

When it comes to disorders that trouble the mind, it is common place for depression or anxiety to top the list. That these afflictions are often the ones to see the limelight for their commonality of being one that often causes problems among people. However, things such as Eating Disorders are often regarded as something only vain people do. The reality of the situation is: It can come from a number of reasons. In some cases the person is driven to overeat even if they aren't hungry.In others, they stop eating and soon find themselves withering away. For some, weight is something they are gonna fixate on. In the case of Anorexia Nervosa, the person finds themselves in a struggle with fears

Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Question 4

Does having prior psychedelic experience help?: When it comes to this tea, it is no secret that it does have psychedelic properties when ingested. However, it is often asked if having any form of psychedelic experience is useful when it comes from to experiencing a journey. Regardless of who asks, whether it be the most hardened of Pyschonauts or those who've never done anything stronger than tea, the answer that is comes up is rather surprising, or at least in the experiences that we have witnessed in ceremony. Surprisingly, those who have no psychedelic experience tend to be those who tend to have less resistance in their journey. It doesn't mean that they are better, but just that there

Ayahuasca - First Ceremony

Some people have unrealistically high expectations of their first ceremonies. To see breathtaking visions at an early stage is rare, but they should not be the primary goal in any case. It is important to understand that an ayahuasca session is focused on deep healing and not ‘tripping’. While it is not unusual not to experience any visions in your first ceremonies, persistence, patience and determination will often, yet not always, lead to the more visionary states after you have carried out essential physical and emotional healing. Working with ayahuasca is very complex, and the medicine will typically work with you in ways you cannot anticipate, and will not respond to impatient demands.

Ayahuasca in America

Ayahuasca in America has been a strange journey starting with the UDV a Brazilian Church who won a Landmark Supreme Court Case that set the precident that Religious Freedom in the Constitution applied to Ayahuasca in this case. The Supreme Court didn't grant the UDV exclusive rights to use Ayahuasca, the Supreme Court Recognized the UDV's rights that they ASSERTED in court and appeal. For reasons unknown to me the UDV entered into an agreement with the DEA, after winning their case. Aya Quest respects the freedoms that the UDV defended which cleared the path for the medicine to be made available in a larger way. Thank you UDV

Ayahuasca-Journey with an Alien part 2

Part 2 Ayahuasca Alien contact, before I continue about my contact in my Journey and ET contact, I would like to share some ancient beliefs and clues to Reptillian contact in the past. The Toltec Mayan god Gucumatz was described as a "serpent of wisdom" who enlightened humankind. His Aztec counterpart was named Quetzalcoatl. In the Yucatan, he is called Kukulcan. The Hopi refer to a race of reptoids called the Sheti, or "Snake-Brothers", who live underground. The Cherokee and other Native American peoples also refer to reptoid races. In pre-Columbian mythology from Colombia, Bachue (the primordial woman) transformed into a big snake. She is also sometimes called the "Celestial Snake" (Serpie

Ayahuasca-Journey with the Alien Part 1

As many of you know who have met me, I have drank a shit ton of Ayahuasca and have had many experiences both light and dark, if you care for those simple terms. But I have never shared THIS experience with anyone. I was alone and in sensory deprivation in this journey, the brew was strong and tasty (yeah right) I had fasted and preped well for this experience, I just wanted to be close to Mother Aya, communicate with her in pure gratitude for the changes she guided me to make in my life, the doorways opened and the manifestations realized. 8 ounces of Ayahuasca shot down my throat as fast as I could swallow this brew, my mouth going instantly dry as I turned the last light off, placed my bli

Free Ayahuasca- TV Production

We would like to take this time to tell everyone thank you for your support and patience while we have been filming the pilot of our TV show documenting the healing power of Ayahuasca. Again the Production Crew from Los Angeles was incredible! They guided us thru the process like the pros they were. Our hats off to the participants who dug deep and hard to tackle tough subjects head on in a hard environment. We were honored to have worked with these brave souls who bared all on the altar of self discovery. We are not at liberty to say more just yet, but we will keep you posted.

Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Question 3

How does this stuff taste?: When a person does research over how it is Ayahuasca will affect them, research alone can only take one so far. No matter how many videos a person watches, no matter how many blogs they have read, no matter what they have found, all of it lacks something. Surprisingly, the question that remains unanswered is: How exactly does this stuff taste? And further more, is there anything that can enhance how this stuff tastes? Such is often left untouched by reading and watching such. To put it simply, Ayahuasca has a rather earthy taste. Being a mix of vine and other parts of plants, the taste often reminds the people of burnt coffee when drinking our brew. It is to note

Questions and Concerns of: Ayahuasca Question 2

Does this brew cause one to vomit/ defecate one's self?: A common fear I have found among people trying Ayahuasca for the first time is the fear of vomiting or defecation. For the people, while this is a possible outcome, it isn't something one should actively fear. Given that they should follow a proper fasting, even vomiting is not that common of an occurrence. However, there is also a lot more that fuels those factors when looking into it all as a whole. From the hype surround it all to what all is in the brew, many things play a role in such. When it comes to Ayahuasca, a common association with the brew is the inevitable vomiting that affects a few people at least in the group. And whil

Questions and Concerns of: Ayahuasca Question 1

Alongside Kambo, people who come through our doors also often hold questions and such regarding Ayahuasca. Even with as much preparation and research they may have done, questions still find themselves. So in a effort to help those mend up some lingering questions or to those wondering where exactly to start their search, I have decided to dedicate some of these blogs as an effort to help people when it comes to their research, self discovery, and decision on if this is truly for them. After all, while what all is out there is useful, a lot of it can often intimidate those or create a false idea of what is suppose to be. What is Ayahuasca: For many folks out there when they hear Ayahuasca, i

Can Ayahuasca Cure Alcoholism?

When it comes to problems in our country, it is often that the problem with opioids often find the spotlight. We often like to point our fingers at the mass wave of illegal substances that people seek when their original source for such has been removed from their hands. However, we often fail to address some of the problems we have that a legal to obtain and deemed a "safe" way to enjoy one's self. And in most cases, so long as the user isn't over doing things, they will not suffer much. But what happens when this legal substance begins to cause havoc and suffering in one's life? Alcohol is often the substance of choice for people to relax and unwind around the world. Unfortunately, 20 mill

Diabetes: How Could Ayahuasca Help?

It's no surprise that when it comes to ayahuasca, it is no surprise or mystery that this brew can do a number of miracles for those with ailments that torment the mind. However, not only does it hold properties that do wonders for the mind, it too has properties to help mend the body too. Examples of this can be seen in many cases. Today's case and point is one of which haunts a lot of places such as America. Diabetes is a disease in which the body lacks beta cells. These cells are responsible for the creation of insulin in the body and the type of diabetes affects how much beta cells are within the body. People with a case of type 1 have 99% of their beta cells missing. Those with type 2 ha

Howlite: The Soothing Stone

Being commonly mined in the United States and South Africa, Howlite is a more recently discovered stone in comparison to it's older and more historically used brethren. However, this doesn't discredit some of the special properties attributed to this stone by those who have come into contact with it in their lives. Discovered in Nova Scotia in 1868, it was once a nuisance to the miners digging for other stones. To the modern world, it is now a common decoration stone in some jewelry and inexpensive due to it's commonness. However, the power that exists within this stone is good for a number of things one may deal with when it comes to daily life. Known as the Soothing Stone to some, this sto

American Ayahuasca USA

As an American Shaman, using American Brewed Ayahuasca in the USA, we do not recreate South American Ceremonies. We feel that would be disrespectful to traditional values when we are Modern Medicine People and we do not apologize for this as we have found our very own path to healing that fits modern culture like hand to glove. American Ayahuasca for progression and healing with our culture as a foundation to find OUR paths in a modern world. #ayahuascausa Join Us!!

Ayahuasca USA Aya Quest Native Americas Church Campbellsville Kentucky

A powerful Ayahuasca Ceremony was had this weekend that ended beautifully and Mother Aya did not disappoint. We are humbled to witness the power of Mother Aya to cut thru the bullshit on the human level and transend into spiritual progression at the highest level!! #ayahuascaUSA Peace and Progression Steve

Kambo: Questions and Concerns Part 2

Is Kambo hallucinogenic?: No, it is not. Nor does administering it any other fashion lead to such. Another plus as well is it does not fall under any drug category so a standard drug test for work won't pick such up. When it comes to Kambo, the most a person can experience is a slight tension of the muscles or the heating up of the core temperature. Asides from that, not much else really occurs in the physical aspects and the person can do whatever they want once it is all done. How does one going about preparing for Kambo?: In order to prepare for Kambo, one must take a few steps into consideration. For starters, deciding where you want to put the mark is key if your job is one of which mar

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