Obsidian: The Glass of the Beyond

Being a type of volcanic glass, Obsidian has found itself a unique creation and historical use when compared to other shiny and ridged earthen beauties like amethyst or diamonds. For starters, unlike most other earthly creations we use today in jewelry and artistic creations, obsidian is formed from quickly cooled lava. Thus, the creation of such manner isn't a length process when compared to crystals. However, this doesn't make the properties of this stone any less impressive than the gemstones it often competing with. If anything, the properties and uniqueness of this glassy magma creation is rather stunning both in use and in spiritual power. The the world of old, Obsidian was often regar

Childhood Trauma: How Ayahuasca Helps

It is safe to say that we as kids are bound to experience trauma at some point in our growing stages of life. Accidentally walking in on parents during "the act", being scared by a sibling in a clown mask, and many more things that can scare and traumatize a child initially. Things that while horrifying at the time, wasn't enough to leave the individual scarred for life. But with this being an unpredictable world, what happens when a child is brought up in an environment that does everything to them other than help them thrive? What happens when the two adult figures that are suppose to be a child's pillar of safety and protections from the ills of this world become the eye of that storm? To

Addiction: How does Ayahuasca help?

Being somebody from America, not a day goes by that a news article doesn't come up and it revolve around some of the vices some humans have. That someone committed a crime while under the influence of some pills or someone has overdosed on a slew of the newer and deadlier stuff that gets pumped out with each passing day. And in the face of it all, we often talk of the problem but rarely do we provide an efficient or effective solution to the issues. Sure, we have things like rehab and methadone clinics, but even those never tackle the problem head on. Rehab success rates alone are generally a 30% chance of success with people, so are the people who find themselves ensnared in the webs of add

PTSD: What Can Ayahuasca Do?

Regardless of the path one takes within our lives, it is safe to say that we as humans are bound to experience trauma and terror at some point of our lives. And, like most other things, the trauma fades slowly with time and eventually one can return back to their daily lives mostly unhindered. However, what happens to those who's brain cannot release this trauma? What happens when one is continually haunted by this past event to the point that they cannot continue the life they had once previously lived? To put it simply, many who are afflicted in this manner find difficulty in trying to resume life with a brain now altered from their unfortunate and unpleasant experience if able. When it co

Jasper: The Supreme Healer

With a name that means "spotted/speckled stone", Jasper has been used all around the ancient and modern times. Tales of this stone and the uses for it can be found all the way back to ancient Greece, Egypt, and other ancient civilizations. For the old world, this stone was noted to be another common stone a shaman would often carry or wear for it's slow and grounded energy and a protector against both living and deceased forces. To those of Dark Age Europe and to the Natives in North America, this stone was believed to bring rain. In Egypt, the Egyptian often engraved things into the stone to provide a safe passage into the afterlife. In the modern world, Jasper is renowned as a stone for fi

Amethyst: The Stone of Clairvoyance

With a name that literally means not intoxicated, Amethyst is a stone that has seen centuries of use both in modern and ancient man as a means of keeping one grounded. In it's days in Ancient Greece, men would line their cups with Amethyst to ward off intoxication and promote sobriety in the hopes that the drinker wouldn't be plagued with the foolish behaviors that follow drinking. To Medieval Europe, soldiers would wear amulets of this stone in the attempt to keep them level headed in combat and not act brashly or hastily. For the bishops of Medieval Europe, this stone was believed to protect against spiritual intoxication. In other parts of the world, Rosaries and Prayer Beads can be found

Depression: How Can Ayahuasca Help?

It's that time of year again, folks. Holidays are coming fast and with that often comes a blue mood that settles upon many at this time of the year if not previously afflicted already. Depression is an unfortunate state of mind we as humans may find ourselves ensnared in at some point of our lives. For those unfortunate few, they find themselves entrenched and unable to climb out of the darkness. However, all hope is not lost for those who cannot find their way or find themselves unable to escape the numbness it induces. For some, Ayahuasca allows that release where pharmaceuticals and therapy had previously failed them. In order to understand how Ayahuasca can help, we first need to know ho

Jesus and Psychedelics

I have just read The Psychedelic Gospels and I must say it was a great book that open mindedly explored and documented a difficult subject for many Christians and none Christians alike. We make no money from this book in any way shape of form. The evidence is very strong as it is a confession done in paintings with clues passed down and hidden in plain sight in early first church paintings and frescos for 1000's of years. Personally, this comes as no surprise to me, in one intense Ayahuasca Journey I made contact with the Spirit of Jesus and it was made known to me that he was an example that you can have this kind of relationship with GOD/SOURCE. It was made known to me he never meant to be

Shamanism USA

WHAT IS SHAMANISM? Some people are uncertain about Shamanism, so let me share with you some of the facts about Shamanism. Wikipedia cites, "The term "shaman" originally referred to the traditional healers of Turkic-Mongol areas such as Northern Asia (Siberia) and Mongolia; shaman being the Turkic-Tungus word for such a practitioner and meaning "he or she who knows." Other scholars assert that the word comes directly from the Manchu language, and indeed is "the only commonly used English word that is a loan from this language."" Some of this information was taken from the book "The Sacred Ways of Knowledge, Sources of Life", by Peggy V. Beck and Anna L. Walters, 1977. (This is probably the fi

Ayahuasca- Darkness is the terrain of transformation-Modern Shamanism

As a Modern Shaman in the United States of America I have learned to look back on history with a suspicious eye, but I have found that a more detached state is needed to understand that Dark Times lead to great transformation, I found this thought treasure looking back on other cultures in times of change and they were preceeded by dark events and environments. For some the change has been viewed by history as positive, but for others, not so much, yet there are those that remain unclear and time will tell. For individuals it is their perception of the event or environment that will determine the transformation of dark into light, with many shades of grey in between. It is your perception of

Modern Shamanism America

Shamans still exist in some form in every culture on the planet, including our own modernized Western world. Engaging with the shamanic tradition is not about cultural appropriation or ripping off the spirituality of any indigenous peoples. We all come from indigenous ancestors if we go back far enough, and they all had great shamans. Thus, the shamanic path is one of our birthrights and the ancestral precursor of all of our spiritual and religious traditions. In the Western world, when we hear the word shamanism, many of us think of a costumed tribal person dancing around a fire in the dark, involved in some sort of mysterious ritual, accompanied by drum beats and singing. But inside that c

Free Ayahuasca Update

We want to thank all of you who have responded and we want you to know that the Production Company had TOUGH choices. Casting is almost complete so keep your fingers crossed and good luck to all!

Molded by the Beyond: A Shamanic Initiation

Ever since the early days of man, humans have always been one to seek information no matter what form it took. And in the days of early man, a source for knowledge that people sought out commonly took form in a Shaman among tribe or group when brought forth with a problem they themselves cannot find insight into or a way around the issue at hand. Being the one who knows what to do, the Shaman begins to take action in an effort to help all who find themselves afflicted with the problem at hand. Acting fearlessly and well composed, the crisis that was is now averted and the day is saved. But how did the Shaman know what to do in order to help the afflicted as best as they could? Who was it who

Peaceful Mountain Way- Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

Here is the News Report Click HERE A lawsuit filed last month by Katherine Lowry Logan, a court-appointed representative of the family, alleges in the suit that Lindsay Marie Poole, 33, of Anderson, S.C., died of “negligence.”

Anxiety: How Does Ayahuasca Help?

When it comes to Ayahuasca and it's healing properties, it seems the possibilities of what all it could help relieve a person of almost seems as vast as the oceans that cover our world. However, what is often forgotten is how Ayahuasca helps individual problems as apposed to the cure all some people often push it to be. So with that being said, I am going to start blogs on how Ayahuasca deals with individual issues that everyday people face on a day to day basis. This is mainly just to help those who are seeking very specific things that they feel are a plague on their life. And to get this ball rolling, today's topic is one many people deal with at some point in their life: Anxiety.#ayaques

Ayahuasca - Does it Matter?

I would like to share this answer from Qurora as it is very inspirational Are there any general tips for life (i.e., taxes, money, etc.)? I’m just a teen right now, and I feel so underprepared. Marlon Brandy, studied at University of California, Santa Barbara Answered Sunday I’m 76. I say that at the beginning of these things because it gives me some cred in making comments on stuff like this. I graduated from high school, went into the military, and came back to . . . nothing. I had no job, no skills except to maintain aircraft weapons, and no education. I stole food from hotel corridors where people put their trays in the morning. I lived on 5 lb. blocks of government cheese and slept on a

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