Kambo: What to Expect

Despite being a venomous secretion, those out there who are curious about Kambo and are unsure of the effects or how they may react have no reason to fear. As previously mentioned in a past blog, this venom when administered correctly can cause a boost to one's immune system and send it into overdrive. But how exactly does it do this? What is in it? Questions such as these are common place among those who seek out this exotic form of healing, and like the questions created, the answers that remain in what is known thus far are just as mesmerizing and intriguing. When looking at the chemical make up of Kambo, it consists of what are known as peptides. Peptides are a chain of amino-acid that c

Free Ayahuasca-Production@AyaQuest.org

The Production Company is looking for a person with Hard Addiction Issues, such as Meth and Heroin to fill the last seat(s) in this Free Ayahuasca Ceremony. Emai- production@ayaquest.org with a pic and your drug history. Steve

Ayahuasca Observations from an Apprentice

As a medicine man in training now for about two months going on three, I cannot say how many beautiful things I've witnessed in just this small span of time. As I have worked, I have noticed many men and women come in through our doors. People from all walks of life: Wealthy and working class, military and civilian, old and young. And yet, through it all, Mother Aya helps each individual regardless of where they came from and who they are now. And in return, she often helps push these people into what they can be, showing them that they can do more to achieve things formerly lost to them. That at the very least, they have the power to shift their destiny to be something else should they be u

Shungite Water: The Elixir of Well Being

As previously mentioned in my blog over Fullerenes, these master antioxidants can be found within Shungite. However, something even more interesting happens when you introduce this stone to water. When introduced to water, the stone reacts as a purifying agent and cleans up the water no matter the condition. Whether it be bacteria, micro-organisms, metals, or even toxic pesticides, this stone has the ability to clear the water in a 24 to 48 hour waiting period. And even better, the water doesn't need boiling prior to applying the stone to your water which can be demonstrated through the Russian lake that contains this stone. However, the cleansing of this water isn't the only good thing this

Tiger's Eye: The All Seeing

Being a popular talisman to soldiers of the old world and the eyes of Egyptian statues, the Tiger's eye stone has been a stone often regarded highly by those who have found themselves in it's presence. Commonly regarded as "All seeing and all knowing", this stone was often regarded as given the wearer the ability to know what is going on around them. And to an extent, part of one of the many properties this stone wields is such insight among many others. In ancient Rome, it was once believed to bring protection to the soldier who wears it in combat. And once again, that is only but a fragment of the many properties this stone holds. Like the big cat from which it's name comes from, some of t

Free Ayahuasca Ceremony- USA email production@ayaquest.org

Aya Quest has been approached by an un-named network to shoot a pilot for a possible show, in exchange for a free ceremony you agree to the conditions set forth by the production company (PC), the PC chooses who is chosen for the free ceremony, Aya Quest has no say about who is chosen, Aya Quest will screen the ones chosen for safety. Email production@ayaquest.org

Fullerenes: A Master Antioxidant and More

Discovered in 1985, Fullerenes are a rather infantile topic in the world of scientific discover. However, despite having a true understanding as to what all can be done, what can be said about the current known properties and uses among trials and experiment has been seen as what some would call a miracle and prodigy among creations we have in daily and medical use. Discovered in Rice University, this naturally occurs in nature in things such as Shungite and candle soot. It can appear in some of it's structural forms such as buckyball clusters, nano tubes, and a number of other forms thus allowing this natural occurring form of carbon to attend the task at hand. Funnily enough, this carbon b

Kratom: Nature's Aid

Flourishing in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Kratom is an evergreen plant that is found it's use in common place among traditional medicine. It is apart of the same plant family as Coffee. And much like it's relative, this plant has stimulant properties as well as a number of other effects that follow as well. Effects take 5 to 10 minutes to occur, and generally last up to 5 hours. Like Ayahuasca, some people may be unusually sensitive to this and what may be ineffective to some could be powerful to others. In the lands of which this plant grows, the people commonly use this plant as a natural painkiller or treatment to things such as intestinal infection. It can also be used to

Free Ayahuasca Video Production UPDATE

Thank you for the strong response, I wanted to elaborate on this project a little, by sending us your email stating your interest in appearing in the "production" you will be placed in a "pool" of volunteers which will be used in the future for selection from "IF" we move forward with this project, so if you are not selected by the production company for this one shoot, you are still in the running for possible ongoing projects in the future. The Production Company makes all the choices on who is selected, Aya Quest has no input on who is selected. Aya Quest screens those chosen for safety or health issues only. If you are interested email- production@ayaquest.org

Free Ayahuasca Ceremony-Video Production

Free Ayahuasca Ceremony Video Production, If you would be interested in participating please email- production@ayaquest.org The Production Company will select participants, all emails will be forwarded to them.

Rose Quartz: The Love Stone

Hailing primarily from Brazil, China, and the United States, Rose Quartz has found itself to be the prime candidate in both the realms of self healing and in the world of industry. Whether it be the ability to promote love of all kinds or it's use in electronics and certain glass works, it is safe to say that this rock crystal holds a number of uses within the seen and unseen. In the world of industry and science, Rose Quartz is one of the many versions of quartz to appear within the rocks of our world. Consisting mainly of silicon-dioxide like every other form of quartz, and holds piezoelectric properties. This property makes it a key tool in electronics, radios, and television since it can

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