Are we all connected?

As a medicine man in training, one of my many duties is to be an observer to all that is going around and to take note of how to handle things or assist when it comes to working an Ayahuasca Ceremony. However, in one of my more recent ceremonies, I found myself reflecting over something I found as a common theme within every ceremony. In every ceremony I have witnessed thus far, there always seem to be at least one person who makes note of being able to see others in their journey. That they can feel the emotions of the room, the feeling one may be enduring when a heavy experience comes on, and a number of other things to occur during said ceremony. After thinking about this a little while,

Shungite Chrystal- What is it?

It is a compound containing 60 carbon atoms shaped like a soccer ball shaped hollow cage. There are many different studies examining it as an antioxidant, and a “radical sponge” that can soak up free radicals. It has been used to purify Russia’s water for centuries. It is supposedly one of the only known natural sources of Fullerenes on Earth. Fullerenes are what makes this unique crystal so special. Fullerenes, also known as buckyballs are carbon molecules that make up many different shapes including tubes, ellipsoids, spheres and icosahedra – which are 20 sided shapes. These fundamental shapes are what make up these atoms themselves, and everything in our universe. Not not properties of th

Black Tourmaline: Stone of the Shaman

Existing within many cultures around the world, Tourmaline has been renowned for many of it's properties both in it's physical make-up and the effects it holds in the use of healing the spirit. The most common variant of Tourmaline found and accounting for 95% of this semi-precious gemstone is known as Schorl. It's black color comes from the high iron present in it's creation and is chemically complex for it's ability to vary greatly in it's composition. The origin of the name comes from Germany, though this stone has been called a great deal of other names in it's other common locations such as Brazil, Africa, and even Afghanistan. Regardless of the name, the properties it holds cannot be d

Animism: A Spirit Within All

What would you consider a living entity? Does it have pre-existing conditions that have to be met such as a pulse or breathing? Does your idea of a living being consist of movement or some mode of transportation? What about needs to be met such as food, water, and oxygen? While for some of you out there, this may be a requirement, there are some who find a soul exists within everything. Not only do they find a soul in humans and animals, they also find a soul in entities outside of the two: From the rocks to the trees to even the wind that blows though our hair, everything harbors a soul or spirit within. Derived from the Latin word for Life, Animism is the belief that everything and everywh

Ayahuasca Safety Check List

Before going to any Ayahuasca or Alternative Medicine provider ask them these questions: 1. Have you had a medical emergency in a ceremony? 2. How far is a hospital if a problem occured? 3. Is the Ayahuasca whole? Is it complete....NOT just vine only 4. How long have you been a provider? 5. Do you have references?

Shamanism in a word

Being called a Shaman can be unnerving at times because it means many things to many people. Shamanism includes things like kundalini energy or the experience of the chakras (especially the 6th, aka the third eye) and auras. It's the seat of imagination, intuition, and what is often termed energy work. It's also the home of The World Soul (Anima Mundi). This realm is often encountered through the use of entheogens or in (genuine) Pentecostal experiences: e.g. speaking in tongues, bodily ecstasy (aka holy rolling), and so on. While shamanic consciousness is by no means solely reducible to these phenomena, they do constitute an important set of core elements in the shamanic tradition. In t

Kambo: The inducer of well-being

As a medicine man in training, one of the things I find interest in is natural cures and other medicines that we can harvest from nature in order to help ourselves heal. And as of recently, a new type of ceremony has been offered in the services: Kambo. However, being one only familiar with Ayahuasca, this was sorta something I found myself having to dig deeper into. And i do say, it is quite the impressive medicine. Not only is it great for some of the problems it can help treat and deal with, but even the obtaining of such is rather interesting. Kambo, much like some of the ingredients used in the brewing of Ayahuasca, can be found within the Amazon rain forest. However, unlike the plants

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