Ayahuasca - Kambo Ceremony

I wanted to take this time to explain what a Ayahuasca and Kambo combination looks like. Arrival would be a day early for the Ayahuasca Ceremony on Thursday at 4pm. We would begin our workshop with explaining the process of Kambo, waiviers and payment due upon arrival. We begin by santizing the area chosen for application (think anywhere a swimsuit wont cover) while you hydrate with chosen water. The "points" are the point of burn where we will apply the Kambo, we start off with one point, and then proceed to add points until the desired reaction occurs, Kambo is very individual specific in how the Medicine works. The strong effects are over in 40-60 minutes and when you are comfortable you

Ayahuasca Ceremony Observation by Nik

As of this past weekend, I have partaken in my third Ayahuasca ceremony. And I must say, it is always a pleasure to be involved in the experiences that come from these. In this ceremony, many of the experiences that unveiled were ones of heartfelt journeys to say the least. Watching as the people who came in held a sort of unified experience of love and laughter. Some of those tending, Mother Aya seemed to have taken them to a place of surprise and sheer wonder. Envisioning things in which brought them peace of mind in their journey. That's not to say that Mother Aya didn't take some of our fellow members into places of awakening and realization. Some of which who attended our services found

Happy Fathers Day to All

Wrapping up an intense weekend ceremony that ended on fathers day, one member had a powerful conection in spirit. I would like to take this time to say thank you to all the fathers out there, the world needs good fathers. Peace and Progression Steve

Ayahuasca heals Hearts and Minds

Mother Aya's capacity for healing "has no bottom" as we say around the Moonshine Still in Kentucky. Her ability to heal deep emotional wounds and unwind heartfelt knots has no bounds, IF you trust her and let go. Trust the Medicine and nothing is impossible, including changing your life. We will make the introduction, but you must hold the conversation!

Ayahuasca Introduction

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of working in my very first Ayahuasca Ceremony as a medicine man in training. And I do say, it was a rather beautiful experience. Prior to this, I was just a man who helped with the clean up after everything was said and done, so my knowledge of such touching and powerful experiences were but limited to word of mouth and some previous research. I understood that this was something to help change lives, but I had no understanding as to how deeply it reached or touched the hearts of others until I witnessed it for myself. Watching people from different walks of life coming in seeking answers, seeking guidance, seeking change, and unaware of what struggles those a

Keeping Aya in the Family

It's always a beautiful thing when your children are so interested in what you do that they want to follow in your footsteps. The youngest of our bunch, who just graduated from high school, has been spent his last couple of weekends in ceremonies with us observing and learning more about Mother Aya. Nik has always been more of a naturalist and very open to alternative religions, spirituality, medicines, etc., so naturally he has been very curious about Ayahuasca. We told him once he graduated, we would allow him to come into ceremonies with us and help and that is exactly what he's done. We are very honored that he wants to participate in the ceremonies and is as interested in helping othe

Kambo in America - Aya Quest

What is it? Kambo is a secretion from a green tree frog, Phyllomedusa Bicolor, which lives in the upper areas of the Amazon Rainforest. It has no natural predators – even snakes spit it back out if they swallow them. They are found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuela. The IUCN database lists them in the ‘Least Concern’ category in view of their wide distribution and large population. Kambo is completely legal everywhere in the world. The only restriction that exists is in Brazil where it is forbidden to advertise or market Kambo in order to restrict biopiracy. A Kaxinawá legend tells that the Indians of the tribe were very ill and their medicine man (Paj

Ayahuasca connecting us with lost loved ones. Aya quest USA Kentucky

Good morning fellow seekers and what a wonderful day it is, We are about to start the second day of this weekends ceremony and I am truely excited about tonight. Ayahuasca has at times connected seekers with loved ones who have transitioned and when you get to witness someone who just got connected with a presence or spirit that they thought was lost forever it is a transformational experience. Ayahuasca helps to let go and accept a new normal. Steve you

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