Free Ayahuasca Update

We have been forwarding your emails to the "Producers" to screen and choose for the pilot which will be "pitched" to the Networks. If you are not choosen for the pilot and we get the go ahead, you could be in a episode down the road. Thank you for all of your support! Steve

Free Ayahuasca Ceremony

If you would like a chance to participate in your first Ayahuasca Ceremony and you wouldnt mind being filmed for a Video Documentary. Email with your name,age,phone and reason for seeking Ayahuasca We will forward your info to producers to contact you.


Spiritual Growth The ayahuasca experience takes us deep within ourselves so we come to know our inner self, while at the same time bringing an overwhelming sense of connectedness with the rest of the universe. People find a lasting sense of clarity, peace and balance with ayahuasca and experience raised awareness of the spiritual dimensions of life. In this way ayahuasca is a consciousness expanding substance that enables great spiritual growth. Heals the body by cleansing the blood, liver and gall bladder. This can lead to healing physical ailments such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. In the article “Scientists Explore the Therapeutic Benefits of Ayahuasca,” Dale Richardson, Ph.D. tal

Aya Quest in the News Again

We were blessed with the honor to be interviewed earlier this week by Pulitzer Prize winning video journalist Ali Rizvi with McClatchy Video Media. He had contacted us late last year and we finally got the opportunity to sit down for an interview that he plans on making a part of an extensive story about the holistic use and benefit of Ayahuasca. It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to do this. He is a very down to earth, open minded gentleman who is working hard on this piece to present Ayahuasca in the proper light and with good information. He has seen the magic that Mother Aya works and believes that it is something that really deserves recognition and respect. We can't wait unt

Ayahuasca - Path to Spiritual Guidance

Throughout the ages, many have obtained guidance helpful to resolve challenges in their lives by following the example of respected individuals who resolved similar problems. Today, world conditions change so rapidly that such a course of action is often not available to us. Personally, I am pleased with that reality because it creates a condition where we, of necessity, are more dependent upon the Spirit to guide us through the uncertanty of life. Therefore, we are led to seek personal inspiration in life’s important decisions. We are faced with often difficult choices and decisions which can cause much fear and panic unless you accept and allow, and stay in the now. What can you do to enha

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