Ayahuasca's Healing Beauty

Another beautiful Ceremony weekend has come to pass and again, we are left in awe. We were in for a wonderful surprise when a young man we had worked with in a private ceremony last Spring came back looking better than ever! He looked so much better in fact, we didn't even recognize him at first! That is how much Mother Aya has done for him! His parents had contacted us last spring because they knew they were about to lose their son to his addiction. They had tried everything else they had known, and nothing lasted long term. His bouts of sobriety were very short lived and his downward spiral was growing. He needed help and he needed it now! After speaking with him, and hearing that

Ayahuasca in the Mainstream

There are those who believe that Ayahuasca should not be in the "Mainstream", that it should be kept underground and inaccessible. They believe that only a few, the "chosen" or the "enlightened" should be able to access it. We here at Aya Quest however, could not disagree more! We are all in need of guidance and healing and we are all worthy and deserving of it. After all, we all contain the "God Spark". The world is full of hurt and lost people. It is full of people who know there is something more but don't know how to access it. It is full of people who want to change not just themselves, but their surrounding for the better. For those who are ready and willing, that is where Ayahu

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