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We get a lot of questions about our Ayahuasca (both in our Ayahuasca ceremonies and through emails, Facebook, and phone calls) such as is it "real" ayahuasca, what's in it, where do you get it fom, etc.. So, we would like to take a minute to address these questions so people know FROM US about OUR Ayahuasca. First of all, we brew our Ayahuasca here. We don't have it shipped in from anywhere, Steve brews it himself and he wouldn't have it ANY other way. With him brewing it, he KNOWS it's free from additives such as Tobacco Juice and Toe; he KNOWS it is safe for people to consume; and he can control the strength of each brew. He brews an authentic brew, from the heart, to help with spiri

Ayahuasca Advice From Aya Quest

Choosing to partake in an Ayahuasca Ceremony is no small undertaking, we don't care who you are or if you choose to do it with Aya Quest or with someone somewhere else. There are some basic guidelines that we would like to share with you to help you make an informed decision and to make your journey the best it can be regardless of where you go. First, you need to make sure that you do your due diligence on the endeavor you are beginning. You need to read up on Ayahuasca and understand what it is and how it works. A lot of people aren't aware of the fact that Ayahuasca is a mix of MAOI's as well as DMT, or the fact that there are some medications that can't be mixed with Ayahuasca. They

Ayahuasca seekers visit Aya Quest

We had another amazing AYAHUASCA CEREMONY weekend this weekend at AYA QUEST, with members coming from all over. We had them from California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Minnesota, some local people and one all the way from Hawaii! Talk about making us feel good!!! It was truly a wonderful group of very diverse people and we of course, thank them all for trusting us with their journeys! It's always an honor and a pleasure to meet and work with such open minded people. The people in this group, as with all others, had their own very individual reasons for coming. For some it was healing of past trauma, for some it was for spiritual growth, for some, it was to simply connect to with th

Ayahuasca Ceremony Kentucky

Ayahuasca ceremonies in October are always special to us, hint of fall in the air, the beautiful colors of the trees, the excitement of harvest all come into play with the energies of October. As we plan for a new ceremony tomorrow, we are excited to see the new people walk through the door once again, for the healing and the expansion that they do not even know exist. We are always excited to see the Fresh Faces and the looks of astonishment once the medicine really works her magic.

Mother Ayahuasca

Mother Ayahuasca loves helping people but she will not tolerate somebody who comes to her for healing and all they do is resist. Resistance will turn a dream journey into a nightmare. What is resistance you may ask? Resistance is when you refuse to accept and allow, you try to take control of the journey and no one can do that, not even our strongest medicine people, we have all learned to submit when we are in our journey. Much like life we must allow life to develop all on its own, much like we must allow our journey to develop all on its own,without our interference, without our resistance.

Ayahuasca Loves Haters

People seeking Ayahuasca ceremonies anywhere are seeking to better themselves; to be more compassionate; to be more connected to source energy; to be more open; to just be better people in general. That's why it always makes us laugh when people come to an Aya Quest ceremony and tell us that they spoke to someone from a different facility and they were told not to come to us, that we are "just in it for the money", or that we have "the wrong intentions". First of all, what people donate for a ceremony with us is DRASTICALLY less than they would donate anywhere else for the same ceremony. We charge only what it costs to get the materials to make the tea, to cover the expense of the Church (

Ayahuasca at Aya Quest United States Campbellsville Kentucky

At Aya Quest we do not believe in overwhelming people their first Journey, we believe you should gain your Ayahuasca Balance so to speak, think of it like learning to drive, you don't start out on the interstate, most start in the parking lot trying to find the brake,gas and steering wheel. This is why at Aya Quest we use the first night to as gently as possible introduce you to Ayahuasca. Everything is designed to support you in your first Journey to position you to have a a very deep experience. We will dial in your Journey the second night. We will give you Navigational Skills and Coping skills to better process your journey.

Ayahuasca Preparing

As a general rule: foods that are aged or fermented to enhance the flavor are to be eliminated. Examples: blue cheese, roquefort, parmesan, romano, cheddar, smoked brie, etc. miso, braggs, soy or tamari sauce, sardines, herring, smoked fish, chicken livers, snails, red wine, vermouth, beers (including non-alcoholic), strong coffee, chocolate, cream, yogurt and sauerkraut. As much as possible omit salt from your diet. Other food types to avoid include: Dried fruits, canned figs, raisins, walnuts, overly ripe bananas, avocados, beans (particularly broad beans such as fava or lima). Nutritional yeast, Brewer’s yeast, all vitamins, any supplements and protein drinks containing the amino acid TYR

Ayahuasca Overview

Ayahuasca; What is it and the ceremonies. Officially Ayahuasca is registered as a hard drug such as cocaine or heroin, but it’s much more than that. Ayahuasca is said to open doors to the divine, it will make you experience things that you can’t experience in any other way. I know that this still sounds pretty vague so here we will unravel the mystery and discover what this drink is, what it does to you and how it’s used. What is Ayahuasca? Ayahuasca is an ancient medical drink that finds its origin in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is a thick brown tea derived from two plants that only grow in the rainforest, they are called Caapi and Psychotria viridis. The drink is most known for havin

Ayahuasca and Aya Quest Ceremonies

I just wanted to clear up some confusion that a post from September 26 has caused. The post says that Ayahuasca Healings, the now defunct center in Washington state that was being run by Trinity DeGuzman is closed, NOT AYA QUEST. AYA QUEST, run by founder and Chief Medicine Man Steve Hupp, is now, has been and will continue to be open and accepting members and holding ceremonies :) With that post, we were simply trying to address questions we were being asked repeatedly in regards to the situation in the best and only way we know how with the information we have at hand. AYA QUEST is still offering AYAHUASCA ceremonies for our members. We certainly apologize for any confusion this ma

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