Ayahuasca Unification

Without a doubt Ayahuasca unveils that we are all connected and Mother Aya opens us up to those fine and subtle energies from the Cosmic consciousness and the power of Nature to nurture our soul. I have been so blessed by Mother Aya and her teachings in manifestation that I am totally immersed in the moment of transition that has become my life. She will guide you with a strong yet loving hand to the place and person you need to be. Mother Aya will lead you to a relationship with Source Energy, once you step into the flow all things are possible from a place of contentment. For the thousand people we have Guided on the path over the years, thank you for you faith and trust to allow us to tak

Ayahuasca Spiritual Path

Mother Aya (Madre) is a very real spiritual presence and guide in Ayahuasca experiences that shows us what we need to address in our progression. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable as we face our inner fears as they surface and the choices we make in the process of the Journey. The moment we choose to try to take control is when the experience may take a heavy feel. If we choose to let go, accept and allow, the healing happens in a moment. Ayahuasca is our portal to the realm of our soul and out of body experiences are not uncommon. Every time you experience Ayahuasca the journey is different because you are different every time you come back.

Ayahuasca Ceremony Aya Quest

The first night is about getting to know each other at first and to deal with the tension that comes from fear of the unknown. We do not throw you off of a cliff, we incrementally dose you so we observe how you and the medicine interact together. The Second night is when most people go very deep due to a more relaxed state of approach. Some people go through a heavy emotional purge the first night, clearing the cob webs life and conditioning have left behind. As these are swept clean, it makes room to grow, accept and allow.

Ayahuasca Ceremony In Harvest Moon

What an amazing ceremony we had this past weekend! Not only was it a Full Moon, but it was the Harvest Moon entering into Pisces. According to Astrologers, this meant Friday was more than perfect to be an emotional hightide; a time of creativity, kindness and intense sensitivity and those in attendance were not denied any of that! The best part though, was that the energy that surrounded this Harvest Moon brought with it the PERFECT energy for those in attendance to achieve a higher level of intense growth and healing; more so than usual and none in attendance were disappointed! Mother Aya took full advantage of everything being so perfectly aligned and bestowed some very beautiful, and y

Ayahuasca Ceremony Attracts Wealth

By tapping into the spiritual plane through Ayahuasca we are able to step into the flow of source energy that attracts to us the flow of abundance in all things including money. We manifest what we think about and after an Ayahuasca ceremony you are connected to source energy in a deep and personal way and the universe becomes very responsive to your thoughts. Wealth means many things to many people, the first question is what does it mean to you?

Ayahuasca Sexual Energy

Ancient knowledge about sexual energy or Jing as they call it in the Taoist cultures is abound with startling facts that all of humankind should pay attention to now. To be ignorant of ancient pre-western philosophies is one of the major roots of the descending downfall humankind does find itself in, especially that which involves the ultimate spiritual potential of our being. Especially because, the first time I drank Ayahuasca, I entered into a very intense five hour orgasm, followed by a number of hours outside of my body, spread out across the universe… So this time I figured: now I’ll get to experience all the scary stuff I didn’t have to deal with the first time. But that moment nev

Ayahuasca Ceremonies in America

Aya Quest's Ceremonies are mature and respectful of all belief systems. Regardless of belief or lack of belief you can experience Ayahuasca in a safe environment with experienced guides. Native American flute music is the music best to journey to in our opinion. No bugs in our climate controlled 1000 sq ft facility so you can focus on your journey. Sign up and let the journey begin. Let the healing begin

Ayahuasca Fresh Start

For many drawn to Ayahuasca their first time are seeking a fresh start and in many ways that is what they get, a spiritual reset, a mental fresh start and physical healing. For the blessed few the changes are immediate, for the thankful many, the changes come slowly in time. They are reconnected to Source and Natural energies as they have never been before. This unification of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Source brings a Peace and Contentment that brings joy to all facets of our life. Imagine wanting for nothing because you have been brought to a point of total clarity Spiritually.

Ayahuasca healing our inner child

Since the inner child experiences pain, hurt or rejection in reaction to something the parents or caretakers have done to them, healing the inner child properly will require us to dissect the relationship with our parents to the point that we can find it in ourselves to empathize and forgive them for what they did, or for what we perceive they did to us as a child. “The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased it can only be accepted.” ~ Unknown Intellectually we know that the past cannot be changed, but many people are still holding on to memories from their childhood in which they experienced some negative emotion. Some may replay these scenarios over and over and re-experience

Peaceful Mountain Way Inexperienced ?

I remember conducting Demians and Tina Gover first journey and I was pleased to meet them. They left Aya Quest in October 2015 to start their own Church, I was concerned they were not ready, but it was theirs to do and I wont go into details here with everything that is on their minds with the Death Investigation of Lindsay Poole, who died attending a Ceremony at their Church in Berea Ky weekend before last. In my humble opinion I feel they should suspend ceremonies until the investigation is complete but I don't see that reflected on their website and I find that troubling. Aya Quest is concerned for every seekers safety in regards to their decision to proceed.

1st Ayahuasca Ceremony after Peaceful Mountain Way Death in Berea, Ky, USA

Aya Quest had a great Ayahuasca Ceremony this weekend with some brave Seekers! This Ayahuasca Ceremony was very different from the start. We started with a Minute of Silence to Honor Lindsay Poole who died the weekend before while attending a Ceremony at Peaceful Mountain Way in Berea Ky, that is under investigation. Aya Quest is not affiliated in any way with with Peaceful Mountain Way. We do not know where they obtain their Ayahuasca or Ingredients if they brew their own. We do know they have been working on their own less than a year. Aya Quest gave them their first ceremony and we wish them better times. A couple of people asked why we reported this event, they wanted this ignored or cov

Ayahuasca Death, Prayers to Peaceful Mountain Way

There has been a terrible tragedy in the seeker community and we asking everyone to keep all involved in their hearts and prayers. Over this past weekend at ONAC's Peaceful Mountain Way in Berea, Kentucky, Cheif Minister Demian Grover, his wife Tina Grover and their members suffered the loss of one of their own. According to this news report ( http://www.lex18.com//story/32863469/death-investigation-underway-after-woman-dies-at-madison-co-church#.V8hqftVwAoI.link), the woman tripped and fell, knocking her unconscious. CPR was started and 911 was called, but to no avail. The woman, 33 year old Lindsay Poole. was from Anderson, South Carolina. While we are not affiliated with ONAC or ONAC o

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