Ayahuasca opening up your God Spark

This weekends group Ayahuasca Ceremony was amazing, great group of people with varied people sharing an intense Ayahuasca and Mother Aya did not disappoint. Her presence was felt deeply by all and progression and healing was brought to our humble facility to all there. To be able to watch the transformations taking place is very humbling and awe inspiring. To watch and feel, as some walk in the valley of the shadow of death and enter rebirth into a new perspective on their life is really fulfilling to be apart of. We truly are blessed and thankful to be apart of Mother Ayas design. Steve

Ayahuasca Healing

Below is from a piece written of the long term healing affects of Ayahuasca of a first hand account. In April 2004, I traveled on assignment to the Peruvian Amazon to take a “shamanic tour.” I was contracted to write an article for a major American publication about the growing interest in “New Age tourism” in the West. During this assignment, I experienced ayahuasca for the first time. Before the trip, I had absolutely no idea what ayahuasca was aside from what little I’d dug up on the internet: the name was shorthand for a kind of special tea made from various boiled Amazonian plants. People claimed that the drinking of this concoction had resulted in profound physical, psychological, and

Ayahuasca Love and Forgiveness

Please allow me to share with you a well writen article below that really touched me, Thank you Jasmine for sharing on your blog https://jasminesvision.com/2016/03/28/a-journey-to-stillness-forgiveness-and-love-with-mother-ayahuasca-part-iv/ A JOURNEY TO STILLNESS, FORGIVENESS AND LOVE WITH MOTHER AYAHUASCA – PART IV Last night we participated in our second Ayahuasca Ceremony – far more intense than my first. The brew, made from Ayahuasca, Chacruna and other companion plants, had longer time to cure after it was boiled down. (We were told later that this increases its potency.) I made sure to finish the whole cup this time. As others took their turn receiving the plant medicine I sat comfort

Ayahuasca, Sex and our Heart

As a Man, Mother Aya has taught me to value and respect feminine energy in all of its forms. She made me confront my illusions to put it mildly. I am very thankful for this transformation as this allows my relationships to be more fulfilling. I would like to share with you an article that I find very stimulating in this arena. (an article by Maria Aguilar, Sexologist, psycho-therapist and facilitator with Ayahuasca International) As human beings we are so disconnected from ourselves, so full of conditioning and all of our attention continually focused outwardly. We have been so effectively programmed, subject to patterns and beliefs which lead us to be more and more interested in, even preoc

Ayahuasca Shaman

Below is an articile I ran across that I found to be very informative. This post contains the text version of Interview with an Ayahuasca Curandero. It’s almost identical to the audio version, as is the fairly brief introduction below. Ronin, or Ronin Niwe, is one of what might be described as the new breed of ayahuasca curanderos. These are mainly people who are not native to the Amazonian region of South America and who have undertaken apprenticeships, often under the tutelage of ayahuasca shamans trained in the traditional way. This apprenticeship, when done properly, is a very demanding and rigorous commitment that requires many years of experiential learning. I have now participated in

Ayahuasca Scientific Review

Shamans and Medicine people has known the power of the Medicine for thousands of years, the power of Ayahuasca is now coming onto the scientific community. For the first time, scientific research is starting to confirm traditional and contemporary claims that ayahuasca can be used to heal psychological and spiritual distress such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. "Ayahuasca has been used therapeutically, in a broad sense, by the indigenous and mestizo populations of Northwestern Amazonia for centuries," said Brazilian researcher Rafael Guimaraes dos Santos, who recently co-authored a study on ayahuasca in the journal Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria (the Brazilian

Ayahuasca helping Prisoners in Brasil

According to The New York Times, a prisoner’s rights group called Acuda has been offering therapeutic sessions to inmates involving yoga and meditation. After witnessing the success of these programs, they had a new idea: Why not give the inmates Ayahuasca as well? The mixture, commonly referred to as a medicine or a tea, has powerful psychoactive properties, most notably dimethyltryptamine or DMT and many users report having intense, introspective experiences. The substance is made by brewing two plants together and while it has been used in the Amazon for hundreds of years, the popularity of the mixture has been increasing steadily in western countries such as the United States and Austra

The Great Mother Aya

I chose to do an ayahuasca ceremony last week in an effort to reach under my ego and to connect with something greater than the “I” we all labour under. I arrived at a farm in Noordhoek at 5:00pm, clutching bedding and a bucket which I had been instructed to bring. The bucket was for the “purge” that often accompanies an ayahuasca experience. The thought of purging in front of a room of strangers while ‘off my trolley’ didn’t exactly fill me with joy. I introduced myself and settled down next to a 67 year old silver haired woman who smiled at me warmly and shared that she was going on this journey to explore herself. I saluted her on her courage and internally scolded and coaxed my own out

Ayahuasca and Christianity

I have worked with many Christians and I was raised in a Southern Baptist environment and like with all others I have worked with, it depends on the persons inner world as to what you must go through. Christians come in many flavors as do all of us and we are all in different places spiritually. When we have to face fears we all have, it depends on your resistance or acceptance if you will have a heavy or lighter experience. While I was in Prison for bank robbery I had some time in the "hole" and I read the bible front to back six times (King James Version) not for salvation but to defend against boredom, this was the first time I read the whole Bible without it being delivered to me in bits

Post Ayahuasca Ceremony

As I sit here just out of a Two day Ceremony with and exceptional group of people, 7 to be exact from as far away as California,Rhode Island and Kansas, to a couple of peeps from KY, as always I am humbled and amazed at the progression I see in people. By the end of the second day as a Medicine Man/Shaman I feel completely exhausted and yet I feel regenerated and at peace. The growth that they and I experienced was far worth the growing pains that come with the experience. I love you Mother Aya and thank you for entering my life and allowing me to introduce you to others.

Love and Gratitude Ceremony this Weekend

Aya Quest will be in Ceremony this weekend, we hope everyone a safe weekend! Gratitude to those who have supported us and remember we manifest our reality, our Nation needs healing, compassion and understanding. Love and Gratitude Steve

Ayahuasca is a lesson in Surrender.

As a Medicine Man I have seen people have heavy experiences because surrender was not an option, of course this was my fault according to them, but really I can not make you surrender. Control issues get in the way of spiritual enlightenment and understanding spiritual reality. The medicine can act as a strong mirror in this regard. Those who try and impose their will upon the Ayahuasca become frightened (and have a heavy experience) – however in this experience one usually sees where one is not ready to let go and relax. Being able to trust and surrender to the power of the medicine can be a healing in itself. This then translates into the transcendence of control dramas in the outer worl

Ayahuasca Brings Forgiveness

Forgiveness stops us from being stuck in the muck, so to speak, which allows us to let go of negativity that would otherwise follows through this dimension and beyond. Those who are strong enough to be able to handle the intensity of the Ayahuasca medicine can find that their spiritual processes are accelerated to the point where a grounded state of enlightenment is possible – inside and outside of ceremony. It is important to realize that Ayahuasca is no ordinary psychedelic medicine. Anyone using it recreationally or for ‘kicks’ will find that the medicine has an inbuilt mechanism to prevent the medicine being abused in this manner. Ayahuasca is far stronger than psilocybin mushroom, LSD

Ayahuasca healing addictions

How can humans free themselves from the painful cycles of addiction? Gabor Maté, a medical doctor who specializes in addiction treatment, suggests that ayahuasca might hold the answer, he explains how addiction imprints itself on the brain and how the psychedelic substance can help release people from their destructive habits. “That’s where addictions come in,” the doctor continues. “Whatever we can’t do for ourselves, we want to see something from the outside to complete ourselves.” Maté works with people who are pushed aside, stigmatized and forgotten about by society, who are trapped by their compulsions to relentlessly pursue sex, gambling, heroin and other addictions. “I define addictio

Ayahuasca Spiritual Progression

Ayahuasca has a powerful effect on one's spiritual processes and can facilitate healing, awakening, understanding and the development of spiritual wisdom when used in conjunction with spiritual practice and a strong healthy life. Psychedelics have experienced a resurgence of popularity last seen in the 70s. Millennials, in particular the Neo-New Age community, have turned to substances like Peyote, acid and, in particular, the Ayahuasca trip–to quickly experience a taste of realms beyond this one. In the case of Ayahuasca and other hallucinatory journeys; such realms are often within one’s own mind. Ayahuasca is a brew made out of a vine called Banisteropisis capi, sometimes in combination w

Ayahuasca Visions

Seeing the Chaos erupting in our Nation brings a smile as quickly as it brings a tear because with great pain comes the opportunity to grow greatly. Many attitudes will impact each other and with this friction will come white hot focus of how to move forward. Not unlike a frightful Ayahuasca Journey. I envision a Ayahuasca Awakening on a massive scale in this Country soon to come, and non to soon in my opinion. In Aya visions I have seen the future and it is worth every bit of pain we will experience, we have a lot to get through, but keep in mind, that one day we will become one with ourselves and the universe. We are getting closer every painful day. I wish to say thank you to all who is s

Ayahuasca - A lesson in Chaos

The definition of Chaos- complete disorder and confusion. "snow caused chaos in the region" synonyms:disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam,pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval,uproar, maelstrom; More PHYSICS behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions. the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe. I have observed Ayahuasca Journey's be all of the above and connect with the last. By learning to make peace with the Chaos of life you can learn to trust the Chaos to give you what you need (not want) when you need it. With an open mind and heart

Ayahuasca Heals PTSD

“In a recent observational study, 18 participants traveled to Peru to undertake three ayahuasca ceremonies over the course of a week,” said Dr. Brad Adams, from the University of California, Los Angeles’ Psychology Department. “By the six-month mark, depression scores had dropped by an average of 52 percent.” The study, undertaken with Drs. Charles Grob and Dennis McKenna, may be repeated with new participants before being submitted for publication. “It put me back into a balanced place, and it was beautiful,” says Ryan LeCompte, a retired US Marine lance corporal, in a video testimonial about a separate ayahuasca experience. “This understanding came over me, and the plant, or whoever it was

Aya Quest Native Americas Church (A.N.A.C)

Aya Quest is pleased at our growth and progress with Ayahuasca and Mother Aya. Aya in Cherokee means ""ones self" or "I Am" that is exactly the Quest we are all on. We have built our ceremonies to focus on you and not the Shaman/Medicine person. Our ceremonies offer a deep experience within ones self to grow and evolve past the challenges of our lives as we knew them to be and become open and receptive to the endless potentiality of the Universal Presence of Spirit. To accept and allow it to flow through us. Becoming one in ourselves and with the Universe brings its own rewards and challenges of its self, like never being able to blame others or things for situations we find ourselves in,

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