Ayahuasca with Aya Quest

Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Aya Quest is a very private and internal affair, allowing one to find their own way with the Medicine and Mother Aya in a safe setting with experienced guides to offer assistance only if needed. We will show you where to look but never tell you what to see. Most peoples first ceremonies involve cleansing of trauma(s) from childhood and beyond, these can be uncomfortable to experience but are so valuable in the healing of addictions and gaining a new perspective of the changes they want to make in their life. Once fear based psychology has been re evaluated from a new perspective and purged, true spiritual progression can begin from a place of unconditional love and

Ayahuasca isn't for all

While I sit in wonder and amazement observing the power of ayahuasca to enlighten, heal and renew, their are few who would be best to approach with caution. Of course much is written and spoken about medications, but I have observed there are a few types of people who should approach with caution. One type, is the person who can not "accept and allow", they have their opinions and seem to come to change the divine to meet their conditioning and perceptions. They have a difficult time in their journey because Mother Aya will not allow any progression with this mindset. Another type is the person is who has worn a mask of bravado their who life and feel it is who they are, their reality is goi

Ayahuasca Awakenings

I Learned That Life Is The Classroom, And Love Is The Lesson. Father Has Left Us With Tools That We Can Utilize To Gain Inner Inspiration And Enlightenment. One Of These Entheogens Is Ayahuasca. Mother Ayahuasca Will Take You To Revelations That Physotherapy May take Years To. Its Is A Gateway To The Universe. Life Before Taking Mother Ayahuasca Just Felt Boring, With No Purpose Because I Was Lacking That Spiritual Factor Which Is Imperative To All Of Us. Everything Happens For A Reason, That Reason Is The Why, And The Why Comes Eternally From Within. So simple so true

After Ayahuasca

A 2012 study conducted by the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona drove home the message with scientific rigor. The research looked at 127 people who had used ayahuasca at least twice a month for 15 years and compared them to a group who had never taken the substance. After undergoing a series of interviews and tests, the study found that there is “no evidence of psychological maladjustment, mental health deterioration or cognitive impairment in the ayahuasca-using group.” The psychedelic users even scored better in some of the cognitive tests than their counterparts. Ayahuasca users also showed lower rates of depression, anxiety, hostility, worry and other negative traits than the control subjec


In America, 29.1 million Americans – that’s 9.3% of the population – have diabetes. Both types 1 and 2 diabetes affect roughly 380 million people around the globe. While treatable, no modern drug or treatment reverses Diabetes type 1 or 2. A natural compound that’s been found in one plant is showing some very promising results in treating and even reversing the disease. The plant is known as Psychotria Viridis, and as its name might suggest, it is an ingredient in a psychoactive mixture known as ayahuasca. Research published in the journal Nature Medicine has found this plant – specifically the chemical harmine – to be helpful in boosting pancreatic function. The study reads: “Using three di

Ayahuasca - Working with couples

In my experience, as with all things with the Medicine it is very individual specific and couples are no exception. While I do not have hard rules on couple separation in ceremony, but I strongly encourage it for the following reasons: 1. When you are in your journey you need to focus on yourself. 2. Couples have a tendency to want to chat and interrupt each others journeys. 3. While they maybe a "couple" they are not in the exact same place spiritually. 4. Some couples have secrets and they may have a hard time "letting go" 5. Fear is contagious, especially with couples. There are exceptions, and some couples really come together, they are the few, not the many on their first journey togeth

Ayahuasca in the News

Ayahuasca is making the news in the USA Ayahuasca in the news in Austrailia Ayahuasca in the News in Peru, I am sorry to post this one but it must serve as a reminder the great responsibility of hosting Ceremonies.

Ayahuasca- A versatile brew

Ayahuasca is a versatile medicinal brew. It has the potential to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction and cancer. Here are the different benefits of Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca Heals Depression – The medicine reduces depression in the individual within two to three hours of ingestion. Quite similar to pharmaceutical antidepressants, this medicine seems to change concentrations of serotonin, the mood-boosting neurotransmitter in the brain. Another way it alleviates depression by the action of its active ingredient DMT, the psychoactive chemical known to induce spiritual revelations and experiences. Individuals with depression who turn to Ayahuasca find solace and solution in the substance. One

Ayahuasca healing depression in one session.

Depression can take control of a persons thoughts to the point of suicide, affecting every aspect of their life negatively. In my opinion the foundation of depression is anger turned inward, generally speaking. I would like to share with you a study conducted in Brazil. "At least 350 million people battle depression around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, depression is life-consuming and often poorly treated. Because of this, people are constantly looking for new and alternative means of treating their depression. Some hope has been offered recently, as one of the most prestigious scientific journals,Nature, laid out some research conducted by a team o

Effects of Ayahuasca

The effects of ayahuasca are experienced anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours after ingesting the brew. This depends on the potency and amount of the substance taken. Audio and visual hallucinations, vomiting and diarrhea, increased heart rate and blood pressure are some of the more common side effects of the sacrament, but not all purge this way. The hallucinations associated with the Medicine can be very powerful and emotional. Medicine People help individuals to work through these emotions and encourage people to face them and deal with the consequences. Advocates of the sacrament stress the importance of working through the emotional, upsetting and scary visions and emotional reactions th

Ayahuasca and Methadone

Hello and thank you for reading, We are asked about Methadone and Ayahuasca frequently so please understand that what follows is my humble observation from experience and opinion and in no way medical advice. There isnt a huge interaction between methadone and plant based maoi's (Monoamine oxidase inhibitor). It exists, but a known pharmacology professor i asked about this once said that he wasn't aware of any cases of bad reactions between the two. The reversible plant based maoi's you take with ayahuasca won't inhibit MAO strongly enough to allow anyone to have a serotonergic episode anyway. And their short duration means any potential problem would be over before it could cause much ha

Ayahuasca healing

Ayahuasca is an ancient psychedelic plant medicine that has been used by shamans in South America for centuries if not thousands of years. Ayahuasca has also been used by by other cultures as well. It's a brew that is made by boiling the leaves and vines of specific plants from the amazonian jungle. Today, this plant has been starting to make its way into Western culture and is being used to treat people with a variety of ailments that include depression and addiction. More recently the plant medicine is being studied as a potential treatment to fight cancer. Even though in the United States Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is highly illegal and is considered as a Schedule I drug by the U.S. Contro

Becoming Enlightened

Spiritual evolution is a process of refining our physiology so that we are free to rest into our true nature, the divinity within. This process progresses to a state of spiritual liberation (known as “enlightenment”), a state of freedom from egos, identities, samskaras, and conditioning, a state that allows functioning through egos, identities, samskaras, and conditioning without being lost to them. This type of functioning is like a healthy old maple tree. There are twists in the bark from storms weathered through the years, but the healthy tree is mighty, full of sap, and well-rooted. It is important to remember that enlightenment is not an attitude at all, but a physiological state of fre

Our Identity

We live in a time when people are enslaved by identity. They are either clinging fervently to an identity or frantically searching for one, believing that somewhere out there an identity exists that will answer all their needs and fulfill all aspects of their life. Fulfillment is a state of physiology that lies beyond the grasp of identity. Religions talk about it. All of humanity longs for it. But very few understand it. Essential to a healthy life is a healthy relationship with identity. You function through identity, but are not lost to it. Identities die hard. Habits are not always easy to move beyond. Our identities are perceived and experienced as us. They are our thoughts, our emotion

Summer is upon us

As the seasons change I must remind myself to accept change and the gifts that come with that change. Our Summer Solstice is rapidly approaching and we are looking forward to meeting all who join us for this outdoor event on private property surrounded by nature. I will be adding pictures later of our site. Steve

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