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 "Heal at Home" is a new service Aya Quest is offering via online guidance.  We mail you American Ayahuasca to use in your home, and we work with you in group conference (one on one is available) both prior to and after your Ayahuasca experience via ZOOM.  We offer guidance in adjusting your dose to your needs and abilities over time. We start small and work up as needed in this Virtual Ceremony.  This is an opportunity in our Post Pandemic World to experience the healing of Ayahuasca in the safety of your home while working with trained Medicine People that will guide you to be your best.

Over time, you begin healing depression, anxiety, addiction, and/or opening your Spiritual Path to the endless possibilities our Mother Aya offers.  Working with Ancient Spiritual and Plant-Based Wisdom as you progress in your personal and private journey, you become a healthy, whole person and soul, and find, in a word, peace.

Find your balance in an out of balanced world, you can start your path to peace and progression that only becoming spiritually whole can bring.

Once your application is accepted you will need to purchase your lifetime membership and then purchase Phase 1 in OUR STORE for $800.00 (all shipping is included in this price). You will also need to submit our Release of Liability. That $800 is for our knowledge, support, guidance, and time, the Ayahuasca is free.  

For your first Heal at Home Ceremony, (Phase 1), you will receive one package with 2 bottles.  We STRONGLY recommend that you micro dose with this at least twice before having a regular ceremony.  This allows your body and mind to acclimate, and also allows us to gauge your tolerance and reaction.  Micro dosing is as simple as taking ONE TABLESPOON before bed.  No, most people won't even really notice that they took it, their dreams may just be more vivid or their sleep deeper, more restorative. 

For some people, micro dosing will be much more beneficial than having a full on ceremony.  

If after the micro dosing,  you decide you want to have a full on ceremony, than you have enough to do that too.  Night one you would take 3 oz., and night two you would take 6 oz..  ALL OF THE INFORMATION REGARDING A FULL ON CEREMONY IS CONTAINED BELOW IN THE VIDEO TUTORIAL BY SHAMANISTA TERI HUPP.  If you have ANY questions regarding the tea, storage, dosage, micro dosing versus ceremony, etc., PLEASE email Teri at

Aya Quest STRONGLY recommends that you have a physical "sitter" (person to watch for you while you journey).  This could be anyone you choose and we approve.  They must be over 21 and are there to make sure you follow the times and amounts for dosing, to make sure you have help should you need it, and to make sure you don't drive or leave your premises or area of approved operation.  Before you begin, you should BOTH watch the video tutorial linked below so they know their role and how to help should you need it.  

We will be working with you in laying a foundation of knowledge and trust, between you, us and Mother Aya.  After you have completed the Heal at Home Phase 1 program, you can continue working from home by choosing either the 8 ounce bottle of tea for $200 or the 16 ounce bottle of tea for $400.  Of course, you MUST have either attended an in person ceremony or the Phase 1 Heal at Home for these options.  


Every person is an individual and that is why we will develop a Healing approach that fits you and your abilities, there is no one size fits all with Ayahuasca!

Don't wait, NOW is all we have, NOW is all we need! Act NOW! Apply NOW!!

Heal at Home Guidance by Shamanista Teri Hupp

Below are links to our Vice Documentary which will give you guidance as well.

 1.  Do I have to be a member to do the Heal at Home?

      Yes, you have to submit an application, get approved AND buy your membership in order to participate in the Heal at Home program.


2.  How do I participate in the Thursday evening ZOOM meetings?  

     To participate in the Zoom meetings, you have to-add the WIX Spaces app to your phone, then, go to the GROUPS tab, click join and         wait for approval.  This is where the ZOOM information is posted.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in attending a ZOOM meeting, you               MUST register which is as simple as sending an email to (BEFORE the Wednesday evening prior) letting       Teri know which  Thursday you are interested in ZOOMing. 

 3.  How long does it take to get the Tea once I place my order? 

      The length of time it will take for the Tea to ship depends.  Once your order is placed, you are then put into the brewing and shipping          cycle.  It usually ships within ONE WEEK, however, it can take up to 2 weeks.  We DO NOT SHIP on Fridays or the day prior to a                Holiday because we don't want the tea sitting around in a hot warehouse. Also, it depends on how long it takes the Post office to get it        to you.  So, if you want the Tea by a certain date, please don't wait until the last minute to sign up for a Heal at Home session!!  

 4.  Can you special ship if I pay the Postage? 

       No.  We ship using ONLY the USPS and ship everything Priority Mail only. 

 5.  Why didn't I receive any instructions with my Tea?  

       The instructions for micro dosing AND for a ceremony are located in the Video Tutorial link above.  Those are the same instructions             and dosages used for in person ceremonies,  Please watch that WITH YOUR SITTER and then, if you have any questions, feel free           to email


 6.  How do I store the Tea once I receive it? 

      Once you have received to Tea, you have have two options.  You can keep it in the refrigerator where it will last UP TO 6 weeks SO            LONG AS you keep the air out of it.  Or, you can freeze it, where it will hold almost indefinitely.  IF YOU FREEZE IT, it is incredibly              important that you: break it down into doses, whether it's micro doses or ceremony doses.  Once the Tea has been frozen and                    dethawed, it CANNOT be refrozen. When you thaw the tea, DO NOT THAW IT IN A MICROWAVE!!!!!  It must be counter thawed or            thawed in a refrigerator ONLY!!!   

 7.  I want to do this with someone else, can we do it together? 

      First, whomever you are doing this with MUST BE AN APPROVED MEMBER WHO HAS GOTTEN THEIR MEMBERSHIP! Sharing            the Tea with NON MEMBERS is dangerous, is NOT protected and will cost you your membership.  If the person is an approved                  member and has gotten their membership, you must each have an individual sitter if you wish to do this together.  When you are in              your journey, you may not be able to help the other person should they need it, so either have your own sitters or sit for each other              instead of having a ceremony together.  

8.  What kind of space do I need to do to this? 
     First, you will want to do this when you're in a good place mentally, not when you're having a bad day or when you're rushed.  You           want to plan this out just as you would do if you were coming to us.  Your setting should be free of tripping hazards; anything that can       trigger you; bright lights; open doors; anything that could put you at risk of harm or worse.  You want the lighting to be dim, yet bright         enough to see.  You want your sitter to be able to be within ear shot of you so should you need help, they can get to you quickly.               You'll want soothing music with NO WORDS.  We use and HIGHLY recommend Spirit Waters and Spirit Dreams by Thomas Walker         and David Miracle.  This is the music we have used for years and it drives the journey like NO other!  You want to be comfortable and       not far from a bathroom.  Your space should be made sacred.  It should be a place that invites peace, tranquility and trust.  Outside of       this, the rest is up to you.   

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