"Heal at Home" is a new service Aya Quest is offering via online guidance, we mail you Micro Doses of American Ayahuasca to start to your home, and via ZOOM  we work with you in group conference (One on One is available). Adjusting your dose to your needs and abilities over time. We start small and work up if needed in this Virtual Ceremony.

Overtime healing depression, anxiety, addiction, and/or opening your Spiritual Path to the endless possibilities our Mother Aya offers.

Working with Ancient Spiritual and Plant-Based Wisdom as you progress in your personal and private journey to becoming a healthy whole person and soul, in a word, peace.

This is an opportunity in our Post Pandemic World to experience the healing of Ayahuasca in the safety of your home while working with trained Medicine People that will guide you to your best.

Find your balance in an out of balanced world, you can start your path to peace and progression that only becoming spiritually whole can bring.

Once your application is accepted you will need to purchase your lifetime membership and then purchase Phase 1 in OUR STORE for $600.00 all shipping is included in this price. We will be shipping Aya in doses as you progress in becoming " a seasoned member"

Generally speaking, most will receive 3-4 Packages in phase 1, the first one is for you to microdose the first week, this allows your body and mind to acclimate, this also allows us to gauge your tolerance and reaction. We get feedback from you and we make adjustments as needed. Plus you get to adjust to the taste in small doses. If you decide that microdosing is what works for you then we ship microdoses for 90 days.

If you wish to proceed with the Ceremony and we agree you are ready and capable we approach like you are in person and ship night one which is 6 oz, night two is 8 oz. 

Aya Quest may require you to have a physical "sitter" this could be anyone you choose and we approve, they must be over 21, they are there to make sure you don't drive or leave your premises or area of approved operation.

The reason the "store" doesn't list Ayahuasca is that we are "giving you the Ayahuasca for free" you are paying for our spiritual and physical guidance. This protects our banking partners, they are not involved with Ayahuasca.


We will be working with you in laying a foundation of knowledge and trust, between us and Mother Aya. 

You will also need to submit our Release of Liability

After those steps are taken Aya Quest will contact you to start developing your "Healing Plan" and then begin brewing your brew with intentions set into the "medicine" specifically for you.

Every person is an individual and that is why we will develop a Healing approach that fits you and your abilities, there is no one size fits all with Ayahuasca.

Don't wait, NOW is all we have, NOW is all we need! Act NOW! Apply NOW!!

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