About Our Ceremonies

  1.  We MUST have an application for every person wanting to attend.  Each person MUST complete the Application THEMSELVES and wait for approval prior to reserving a seat.  


  2.  If the date says "OUT OF STOCK", it is full and we cannot "squeeze one more in" or "open another seat".  You will receive an email receipt of your reservation from ECWID .  THAT is your confirmation that your seat is guaranteed.  You will also receive, 5 days prior to your ceremony, an email reminding you it is upcoming and reminding you of what you are responsible for and the final little details. 

  3.  You must PURCHASE your membership.  The acceptance of your Membership Application simply means that you have been approved to become a member.

  4.  Prior to reserving your seat in a Ceremony, we strongly advise you to do your homework about Ayahuasca and to read through our website thoroughly, including the Frequently Asked Questions Page.  If you still have questions after you have done this, feel free to send us an email.    

  5.  It is YOUR responsibility to check with your pharmacist (or herbalist) about the possibility of adverse reactions between any medicine(s) (or herbs) that you have taken within the last 60 days and PLANT BASED MAOI's (the Ayahuasca).

  6.  Transportation to and from the Church is your responsibility.  You need to arrive between 4 and 5 PM CENTRAL Standard Time for ceremonies. The Church IS NOT OPEN before 4 PM. . We ask that you not eat or drink anything but water past 12 PM (this also means no chewing gum, mints, etc.).  We begin as close to 5 PM Friday as we can for our first ceremony.  This ceremony is lighter ceremony that is meant to get you and Mother Aya acquainted; to allow you to experience a journey and learn to navigate and what to expect.  Everyone is good to go out as of 6 AM Saturday morning to eat, go for a walk, sight see, etc..  We ask that no one eat or drink anything but water past 12 noon and that they return by 2 PM so we can resume again.  Everyone will be free to leave as early as 6 AM Sunday morning, not before. If you add Kambo to your ceremony, you must come in ONE DAY PRIOR and are to arrive between 4 and 5 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.  You are NOT to eat past 11 AM or drink anything but water.  


  7.  There are 2 ceremonies, one Friday and one Saturday.  You should also begin following a vegetarian diet at least 1 week prior to the ceremony you are scheduled to attend.  Fasting is NOT recommended by us.  We have found that when people have fasted, the majority of them find it hard to let go of their "hunger pains" and enjoy their experience and it can also make it harder for the body to work with the tea as well.     

  8.  For safety reasons, everyone must stay at the Church.  It is (roughly) a 1000 square foot building with an open floor plan in the ceremony room and a separate room for talking and eating.

  9.  We provide the Ceremony, Sacrament, water and snacks.  YOU are responsible for providing your own bedding, toiletries, (and food if you require a special diet or food preferences).  There is a refrigerator and a microwave on site, no stove.  The biggest meal is usually breakfast/brunch on Saturday morning for which most people do go out to eat.  There are several restaurants and groceries within about 15 minutes of our facility.

10.  You need to bring some comfortable clothes like sweat pants, yoga pants, pajama bottoms, etc..  They do not have to be a specific color or fabric.

11.  We DO NOT allow cell phones, tablets, or watch phones to be used during the Ceremony so we ask that you let your loved ones know that you have arrived and that you will be out of contact until the next morning so they don't worry.  All items will be locked in your car and you you will not be allowed out until 6 AM the following morning.

12.  We DO NOT allow MP3's or Ipod's.  We have music that we play that works in great unison with the Ayahuasca and we ask you to respect it. We also do not allow the use of gum or mints prior to or during a ceremony.   

13.  We can't tell you what your experience will be or how long it will last.  Ayahuasca is a very individual specific sacrament, however, we can tell you that the average journey lasts roughly 3-6 hours.  

14.  You are to listen to and respect our Clerical Staff.  They have the knowledge and experience to guide you safely and they will not be disrespected.  If you are not going to listen, we cannot help you, it's that simple.  


15.  NONE of our ceremonies listed on the website are filmed for TV.  When filming happens, we use VOLUNTEERS ONLY.  

What to Expect as far as Purging

It seems most everyone worries about the purging.  First, there are many types of purging.  There are of course, the most common-vomitting and diahrrea, which actually occurs in only about half of our members.  The other types of purges include laughter, tears, talking, tremmors and some people show no signs of purging at all.  Also, 80% of the time, purges occur with the onset of the journey and tend to last less than 2 hours.  We have provide plenty of buckets though for those who do purge by vomittig and our clerical staff is there immediatey with a clean bucket for you, to take the dirty one and clean and sanitize it. 

About Us

Steve Hupp- Founder and Chief Shaman 

Steve has worked with Ayahuasca for 15 yrs, trained by a Shaman from South America on how to work with Ayahuasca. He has spent much of that time working alone and experiencing many visions and enities that called him to found Aya Quest. Steve has led over 1000's of spiritual sessions with Mother Aya. Steve prefers a quiet and relaxed enviroment to allow Mother Aya to work her Magic and Healing.


"We will work together in your journey to help you achieve your goals." - S. Hupp


Since his first experience with Mother Aya as he likes to call "her" his life has changed dramaticly, looking back on it, he describes the change he has experienced as totally profound.


Steve says " I am living proof of the power of Ayahuasca, that if I can change, anyone can, because I was lost in materialism, drug abuse, alchoholism and pride which led me on a 5 yr bank robbing spree that ended with me in Federal Prison, which is where I met my first Shaman who was a Cell Mate, he was there on immigration issues and was awaiting deportation, we became friends and my odessy began. Ayahuasca is an amazing and powerful tool, but YOU must do the work one day at a time."


That was 15 yrs ago, Steve is an example of how low you can go and how high you can fly.


" I will show you where to look, but I will never tell you what to see. " 

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