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Meet the Aya Quest Clergy

Founder and Chief Shaman: STEVE HUPP


Steve was introduced to Ayahuasca in 2003 and worked with it since.  He learned about Ayahuasca from a South American Shaman he'd met in Prison.  He spent much of that time working alone and experiencing many visions and entities that called him to found Aya Quest.  Steve has led 1000's of spiritual sessions with Mother Aya and prefers a quiet and relaxed environment to allow Mother Aya to work her Magic and Healing.


"We will work together in your journey to help you achieve your goals." - S. Hupp


Since his first experience with Mother Aya his life has changed dramatically.  Looking back on it, he describes the changes he's experienced as totally profound.


Steve says " I am living proof of the power of Ayahuasca, if I can change, anyone can.  I was lost in materialism, drug abuse, alcoholism and pride which led me on a 5 yr bank robbing spree that ended with me in Federal Prison.  That is where I met my first Shaman, a cell mate, there on immigration issues and was awaiting deportation.  We became friends and my odyssey began.  Ayahuasca is an amazing and powerful tool, but YOU must do the work one day at a time."


That was many years ago.   Steve is an example of how low you can go and how high you can fly.


" I will show you where to look, but I will never tell you what to see. " 

Head Shamanista:  Teri Hupp

Teri is Steve's wife since 2010 and significant other since 2003.  While Steve began working with the Tea in 2003, Teri did not begin working with it until 2010.  

Teri is the one who reviews and approves the applications, who handles questions, emails and scheduling and slew of other things.  

Teri has been told many times by members that her maternal nature has been a help in their experience.  

Teri grew up in a family of addicts and became one herself.  She has been through a lot in her life and with the help of Mother, has been able to process, grow, forgive and move forward.  

Teri works not only with Plant Medicines, but also utilizes essential oils, chakra bowls, positive affirmations, and sound healing.  She also believes in the importance of our inner dialogue.  "Would you ever let another human being talk to you the way that you talk to yourself?".  That's a favorite of hers to ask.  

Teri tells everyone, treat yourself like you're 2.  Give yourself the same love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and encouragement you would give to a 2 year old.".  

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