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1. Has Aya Quest ever had a medical emergency? 

We can proudly say we haven't ever had a medical emergency in any of our ceremonies.  We make every effort to ensure the safety of each and every member of our church.  

2.  What is the protocol if there is a medical emergency? 

While we take every precaution possible to prevent medical emergencies, they are always a possibility.  There is always someone on site who knows First Aid/CPR and we are 5 minutes from a hospital.  Should there be any kind of medical emergency, the information provided on your application WILL be given to Emergency Medical Personnel and your Emergency Contact notified. 

 3.  Is Ayahuasca safe?

Statistically, significant instances of verifiable harmful complications with Ayahuasca are virtually nonexistent. Participants are cautioned, however, to abstain from certain foods and medications in the few weeks leading up to the ceremony due to possible harmful interactions. We ask for sincere and responsible cooperation from EVERYONE seeking to participate in ceremonies. 

 4.  Why do I have to become a Member to attend a ceremony or to receive Sacrament for a Home Ceremony?

Because we CANNOT LEGALLY work with anyone who is NOT a Member.  

 5.  How do I become a member? 

You must submit the application on our website for review.  Once we have reviewed it we will notify you via the email address you provided on your application of our decision.  PLEASE MAKE SURE you add both and

to you email contacts.  The decision about your application will come from the Info email and all other correspondence will come and go through the Shamanista email.  You will also want to add ECWID to your contacts as that is where your email receipts will come from.  These receipts are your confirmation for both your Membership purchase as well as your seat reservations.

6.  Why do I have to fill out the application? 

We require the application for every person wanting to attend because we need to know what, if any, health issues you have; what, if any, medications you are on; what, if any addictions you have or have had and we need to know what it is you are seeking from your experience.  Ayahuasca IS NOT for everyone, however, we do make every effort to safely work with as many people as possible.  

7.  I got a letter stating I was accepted, does this mean I am a member? 

No, it simply means that your application has been accepted.  You must PURCHASE your Lifetime Membership as states in the email you received. 

8.  I Purchased my Membership and/or reserved a seat and it says still processing.  Why?

It will always say "still processing" because nothing ships.  Since nothing ships, there is nothing to kick it over to Shipped.

 9.  I am on anti depressants, can I drink Ayahuasca?

No!  Anti depressants and Ayahuasca DON'T mix and the time it takes for them to exit your system varies.  You should ALWAYS have your doctor help you set up a SAFE schedule for weaning off of them and with your Pharmacist regarding how long you would have to be off of them to safely participate. This should ALWAYS be done prior to reserving a seat!  

 10.  I am prescribed medications, can I drink Ayahuasca?

This is not a yes or no question.  Some medications are safe to take with Ayahuasca while others are not.  You will ALWAYS be directed to talk to your pharmacist about possible interactions between ALL medications (both prescribed AND over the counter)you are taking and plant based MAOI’s (because the Tea contains plant based MAOI's).  Talking with your Pharmacist should ALWAYS be done before reserving a seat. 

 11.  What information can you give me about Ayahuasca and what a ceremony with you is like? 

Prior to reserving your seat in a Ceremony, we strongly advise you to do your homework about Ayahuasca and to read through OUR website thoroughly, including the Ceremony Info Page.  Please understand that not every place offers the same instruction and advice.  If you are attending a ceremony with us, we ask that you follow the directions and guidance given by us, not another church or friend or friend of friend, etc., etc..  YOUR SAFETY is our PRIMARY FOCUS ALWAYS!!!!!  Also, we do not try to recreate South American ceremonies.  We perform our Ceremonies in a way that people in the country can relate to.  

 12.  How do I reserve a seat? 

Once you have submitted your application and gotten your acceptance letter, you will go to the Home Page and click the link for Ceremony dates and reservations.  If the date you are looking at  says "OUT OF STOCK", it is full and we cannot "squeeze one more in" or "open another seat".   If you are interested in a Private Ceremony or scheduling your own Private Group, you will need to email Teri at to coordinate on dates. 

13.  How do I know that my seat is reserved?

You will receive an email receipt of your reservation from ECWID. THAT is your confirmation that your seat is guaranteed.  You will also receive, 5 days prior to your ceremony, an email reminding you it is upcoming and reminding you of what you are responsible for bringing and the final little details.

14.  Are Payments refundable?

Normally No, but we will take circumstances into consideration on a case by case basis. Please understand that your deposit has bought materials to brew your Tea, not to mention we held your place which we may not be able to fill. Please be sure before you commit that you will be able to attend.

15.  Am I allowed to bring someone to just be there with me as support?

No, we do not allow people who are not participating to be present during a ceremony.  This not only would violate the privacy of other Members in attendance, but it also disturbs the energy and is really a disservice to you.  

16.  What Airport do I fly into? 

The airport with the closest, most direct route in is going to be Louisville International (Muhammad Ali) Airport.  It is roughly 1 ½ to 2 hours NORTH of our location. 

17.  Do you pick us up from the airport? 

 No we do not.  Transportation to and from the Church is your responsibility.  Please also note that there is no Greyhound station in our area nor are there Uber, Lyft, taxi's or any form of public transportation.  

18.  Do I need to wear a specific type or color of clothing?

No.  We do suggest comfortable clothing (ex.  sweat pants, basketball shorts, yoga pants, etc..) but they do not have to be a specific color or fabric. Short shorts, skirts, dresses and jeans are not acceptable clothing.  

19.  Can I bring food?

We provide snacks and water.  If you have a food allergy you WILL need to bring your own snacks.  If you would like to bring your own snacks, you are more than welcome to do so, we have both a refrigerator and a microwave on site should you need them. 

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